Mobile Barcode Technology Trend Booms During Holidays

A new tech trend is on the surge and nowhere is it more prevalent than during this holiday season.

Mobile barcodes have fast become an advertising staple, as companies now imprint barcodes in their advertisements. Consumers, using their smartphones and an appropriate app, can scan the barcodes in order to receive incentives such as coupons or other promotional items.

Scanbuy, one of the largest mobile barcode product manufacturers, just released a more recent study for the holiday season showing that there is an increasing interest from the consumer sector. Of those surveyed, over half had already scanned a barcode. For those parties who had never tried it, they at least expressed an interest in doing so in the future. That’s because nearly all of the individuals polled felt like mobile barcodes were useful.

As per Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy, “The fact that 40 percent of those surveyed scanned a barcode five or more times, with an additional 40 percent interested in scanning in the future, shows the immediate interest and long-term potential that mobile barcodes have in the field of retail. They can be utilized by consumers and retailers both to make for a truly valuable shopping experience. These results also show that there is a wide variety of useful content we can provide that will help educate a shopper and assist in closing a sale wherever the shopper may be.”

So which companies are hopping onto the mobile barcode advertising bandwagon? MasterCard, Virgin, Apple and Nokia are among the innovators harnessing this potential. And Scanbuy has been going a step further by tracking the adaption of mobile barcodes in its periodical trend report. Currently the top three most popular categories for mobile barcode scans are beauty products, grocery items and books.

But the buck doesn’t stop there. Heineken, the beer manufacturer, launched a widespread “Plug Into Summer” campaign that featured a sweepstakes powered by mobile barcodes. Heineken placed Scanbuy’s 2D codes onto the packaging of its 6- and 12-pack offerings.

Those interested in participating in the sweepstakes scanned the barcodes with their smartphones for a chance to win prizes. The winnings ranged from free app or music downloads to t-shirts and guitars.

As companies are constantly trying to forge connections with consumers, this is a trend we can continue to see well into the future, especially as smartphone popularity booms and users become more tech-savvy.