Being Silly

Sometimes I like being silly. I do all kinds of silly things. Mary and Dwight laugh when I lay with my head on the door frame. It might look uncomfortable to them, but it gives me a pillow. Yes, it is a hard one, but I’m not like people. I often just lay my head on the floor.

I like playing with Brandon and Jordan. Jordan is little and can run like the wind. Brandon is bigger, but he and I still have lots of fun. The last time he was here, he took my stuffed moose and hid it. He thought I didn’t know where it was, but I know how to have a good game. First, he hid it in the closet. I pretended to not know where it was. When he wasn’t looking, I went and got it. Then, he put it in a basket, thinking I wouldn’t be able to get it out. I sure fooled him. He couldn’t believe it when I took it out of that basket. Whooo!! That game was lots of fun. By the time he left, I was wore out. I laid around the rest of the evening, sleeping.

Jordan likes to run with me. Yes, he is fast, but I’m a lot faster. He runs and I stay behind until we almost get where we are going. Then, I dash ahead. He takes it all in good sport. Once in a while I let him win.

There’s one thing the boys and I like to do that makes Mary a bit perturbed. We run and jump on the bed. If Mary is in a good mood, she turns a blind eye. If Dwight is around, we have to be careful. He doesn’t like us jumping on the bed. Mary told me that she just likes to see us having fun, so lets us get away with it. Whoooo!

Well, it’s time to get Dwight up to go for our . Mary’s been sick and it’s raining, so she can’t take me. Strep throat is no fun, she says. She is getting over it, but doesn’t want a relapse.

Take care, boys and girls. Stay safe and listen to your parents. They love you and only have your best interests at heart.

I’ll be back soon with another story about me and my life here.