How to Convert to Islam

Islam is a religion based on the belief in one God and submission to God alone. Its followers believe that the is the last and final testament of God and the prophet Muhammad delivered it to humankind. Muslims also acknowledge that Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Noah were all prophets and Muslims because they believed in one God and submitted to him alone.

If you completely believe with both your heart and in your mind in one God alone and the submission to that one God and want to convert to Islam, then you are ready to take your shahadah, or profession of faith. Make sure that you fully understand and have all of your questions answered before you choose to be a Muslim, just as with the choice to practice any religion.

The Shahadah

The profession of faith, known by the Arabic word shahadah, is the moment between you and God when you become a Muslim. Although many people believe that the shahadah must be done in front of the congregation of a mosque or with an Imam, this is completely unnecessary. The shahadah is between you and God alone, and can be done anywhere.

The Arabic word for God is Allah and Allah is typically used in the shahadah. Clear your mind and focus your honest intentions on God. Say the following words aloud in prayer and you will then be a Muslim:

“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.”

After The Shahadah

Once you have taken your shahadah and are a Muslim, rely on the Quran and God to guide your daily life. Remember that Muslim means complete submission to God and God alone, and this is the core belief behind practicing Islam.

Practice your faith as a Muslim how you believe the Quran and God tells you to practice, not what someone else at the Mosque or even the Islamic scholars say how Islam should be practiced. The Quran states that we are each accountable for ourselves when we stand judgment before God and to use the ears, eyes, and brain we were each given to evaluate what we practice.

Basic Practice As A New Muslim

Start slowly with your practice and always listen to God. Get a copy of the Quran or read it online. Study when you can and try to read at least a page a day to start. Reading the Quran is a great way to get closer to God and learn about Islam.

The Quran says to pray morning, noon, and night. It does not say to pray 5 times a day. Pray as often as you can and build up. Prayer is your quiet time to spend with God each day and can help you to submit to God in all areas of your life you feel need improvement.

Consider fasting during Ramadan. Dates and information on the holy month of Ramadan is abundant on the internet. Ramadan is a special month when you can fast with your new community and refocus each year on your practice of Islam.

Give charity if you can. Part of Islam is being good to those around you and helping those in need. Donate things to don’t need anymore or give your time and money to a local charity.

Attempt to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at some point in your life. The pilgrimage is a humbling journey that connects you to the larger Muslim community and with God.

Peace and blessings upon you in your journey.