Hiring the Seasoned Workforce: Plan for Weathering Unemployment for the Older Worker

If unemployed and approaching 50, it may be more difficult finding employment but not impossible. The trick? Establish a plan and stick to it.

Having a plan to follow during the no job slump can help to decrease fears of the unknown. Here’s an easy survival plan anyone can follow.

Employment Agencies

Sign up at all available employment agencies. Many jobs are not necessarily advertised on the web or in the newspapers. Check in regularly with them. Sometimes a new job can be snagged working through an agency.

Utilize Career Centers

Locate local career or employment centers. Utilize their services. Those that are government (state) sponsored offer free employment counseling as well as free use of equipment such as computers, fax, copy machines and telephones. The counselors may also know of training programs, and depending upon funding resources, they may be able to pay or partially pay for training.

Learn or Update Computer Skills

Having some computer savvy increases job marketability. Adult education courses generally offer a range of levels from beginner to advanced. There are free online computer courses as well.

Being older doesn’t mean that computer literacy is impossible – may take a little longer, but, again, increasing marketability should increase the chances of finding work.

Practice Re-Inventing

Itemize skills. What might those be? Think about all the activities normally executed during the course of past regular employment days. Write them down. While reading the current job descriptions, think about how all the skills learned might be transferred to the present day requirements.

List the skills that are strong and find ways to improve the ones that need sprucing up.

Think Positive

It may take a while to find new employment. Depression, anger, anxiety, remorse, frustration and grief are not uncommon emotions. However, it is important to maintain a positive outlook and demeanor when approaching potentially new employers.

Eating healthy foods, exercising, networking (family, friends, community agencies, job fairs, volunteering, etc.) and utilizing a support system can help fight off discouragement and worry. Learning new skills and having an open, flexible attitude, especially towards new experiences helps, also.

Find out which employers within the community are hiring-friendly towards seasoned workers. Place applications there.

Be patient and persistent. Finding employment should become a full-time endeavor until a suitable position is found.

Contact Community Service Agencies

It is no shame to apply for food stamps or fuel assistance or whatever other services may be available during this time of searching. There may be income limits. If by chance qualification, say, for food stamps is possible, this resource may relieve some stress for a period of time, thus conserving energy needed to invest in the job hunt.

The Benefits to Hiring Seasoned Workers

The seasoned workforce is more dependable and more likely to execute their employment responsibilities, carefully. Additionally, seasoned workers have already developed an experiential background that the new comers to the workforce have yet to develop and refine; they understand concepts that years of experience have created, which, a younger work force has not had time to develop.

Finally, the seasoned workforce has been an invaluable resource towards the building of their communities and on a broader scope, their countries.