A Lesson in Life

I work too much, too hard and too many hours. It is a responsibility thing. I have always had an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. I have never considered it to be a virtue, but I never looked at it as a fault either. I guess I just never thought much about it at all. The last six months have been hard around here. A bitter, unexpected divorce threw us into a emotional and financial maelstrom. I responded by working more and more. The kids have been wonderful. They have never complained or been difficult. They have stayed close to me to be available for the few cuddles and strokes I could find time for. Always trying to comfort and help as best they could.

It all exploded on me Christmas Day. Far too many hours and far too much physical effort took its toll. The exhaustion opened the way for double pneumonia to set in. I could not even sit up. I do not remember much about that first couple of days. I remember not being able to breathe and the pain…..but mostly I remember my babies. I remember them cuddling close to me and touching my face with their paws, I remember their soft encouragement in my ear as I lay struggling to breathe. The one memory I will never be able to forget is the abject terror on their faces when I was taken to the hospital.

I spent six days in the hospital. During that time, my babies did not eat or play or hardly even attend to bodily functions…they waited. Period, they just waited. My daughter was getting as worried about the kids as she was about me. No amount of consoling worked. On the 4th day I was able to talk to them on the telephone. They still would not eat, but at least they seemed a little less devastated. The other memory that I will never forget is the pure, unadulterated joy when I walked through the door, home at last. Both babies screamed in joy and threw themselves onto me. They will barley leave my side at all. They are permanently attached, and that is fine with me.
I learned a valuable lesson in this, nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important than the ones you love. I don’t know yet what I am going to do to keep us in “treaties” since my doctor says I cannot go back to my job, things my really get bad financially, but what ever happens, I know now that the important thing is that I love and I am loved. No amount of material possessions in the world will ever mean as much as the love and need I see in my babies faces every time I look at them. We may be short on “treaties” but we will be long on and time spent together.…