VPN Explained: How Does VPN Work and Why Would You Use It?

A VPN makes way for the creation of a more secure connection between the internet and a host. Whenever a host connects to the internet using a VPN, all of the data traffic is sent via a virtual tunnel that is encrypted. Below are the advantages of using a VPN:

  • Anonymous usage of the internet and its provided platforms can be done. Here, the IP location and address will never become visible to any other user.
  • Increased safety when using the internet is upheld as the encrypted tunnel helps in keeping the hackers and cybercriminals away. Also, the device will not be a prone to any attack.
  • More freedom, when using the internet, is promoted by using different IP addresses. With these, there are more given chances to access any website or online service that would be blocked otherwise.

Moving forward, here are some of the process that makes a VPN work

How Does VPN Works?

Whenever a reliable provider of is found, their software can be downloaded and installed to a particular device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and more. Then, you can now choose your preferred settings of security and proceed to set up an effective connection with the desired server of VPN. If there is a recorded establishment of connection, the following will happen to the data and device:

  1. The software of your computer’s VPN will encrypt the data traffic and then send it to the server through a secured connection.
  2. The encrypted computer data will be decrypted by the server of a VPN.
  3. The server of the VPN will send data to the internet and receive a response. This response is meant for the user.
  4. There will be an encryption process of traffic to be done again by the VPN-server, and it will be sent back to you.
  5. The given VPN-software in the device you use will decrypt data. In this way, you can understand and use it properly and effectively.

Your data traffic will be encrypted by the VPN connection that will make it more difficult for other parties and hackers to access and intercept it. The improved connection security will also provide the users with increased anonymity, for it reroutes the internet traffic through the external VPN server. When you are surfing the internet using the IP address of the server, the real IP address of your data and device will remain protected and hidden.

Normally, both your identity and location can be exposed through its IP address. This is because of its uniqueness to the internet connection. However, if you use a different one or the assigned to the VPN server, any of your online actions will not be traceable. This will then allow you to surf the web incognito. Another thing, the VPN application works in the background of any device such as a tablet, computer, or smartphone. The internet can be accessed normally, and any different movement will not be noticed, even those that are beyond online restrictions.

Reasons to Use VPN

  1. Anonymity on the Internet

The first reason why a VPN must be used is that it can hide the real locations and IP addresses. Using a VPN connection, an IP address will be used that is from the VPN you had connected to your device. Through this, the IP address of your data and device will remain anonymous. Also, other parties and websites will not be able to trace any of your online actions, especially the identity and location with an IP address. The only thing that can be visible is the anonymous VPN you use that originally has nothing to make up with you. Simply, using a VPN can help you surf the web while being hidden.


  1. Protection against governments and hackers

The other reason to use a VPN is that it will help you build protection against the government and hackers. Since people are becoming more aware of vulnerable internet usage, a secured VPN connection is a must-have. In this way, an account’s data and details can be protected against harm from hackers and even the government’s trespassing to one’s privacy. This will also help the account to remain hidden and be kept away from any harm.

That is all for how a VPN works as well as why you need to use it. Learn more and share this to other people. Stay protected with a VPN!…