Abu Usamah at-Thahabi


(2:59-3:04) “Part of being a non-Muslim is…that they are liars…usually. Usually.”

(3:04-3:55)”In the Koran Allahu ta’la told us about all of those kuffar, [...] and their different categories. Firaun [...] he said ‘I’m your Lord the most high’, there’s no lie bigger than that. The Yahood [Jews] and the Nasirah [Christians]. The Nasirah say their Isa is the ibn of Allah, the son of Allah. That’s their religion! It’s a religion of kadhib [lies]!

“The Yahood… make too many lies. [...] ‘We’re going to be in the hellfire for a few days, we are Allah’s chosen people’ [...] kadhib! ‘We lost our country, so the world owes us, you have to give us somebody else’s country?’ I don’t find that strange. Kuffar, part of their religion is, kadhib.”

“No one loves the kuffar. No one loves the kuffar, not a single person here from the muslims loves the kuffar, whether those kuffar are from the UK or from the US. We love the people of Islam and we hate the people of kufr. We hate the kuffar.”

“I don’t believe them as they are kuffar, and lying is part of their religion. These kuffar, they do whatever they want to do.”

“If you leave off the prayer out of negligence, then you are a kaffir. If he dies like that you have to bury him with the kuffar. You can’t marry him.”

“The second type of zina is the zina in which the Muslim today is saying that these kuffar women are what our right hands possess, they’re from our right hand possessions. No doubt ikhwan the right hand possession, the ‘milk al-yamin’ is from the religion but it is not being practiced today correctly, because jihad is gone, because the khilafah is gone, because al-Islam is not being practiced correctly in the earth, in the dunya. So the people who are practicing the milk al-yamin are not practicing it correctly. That’s in the Muslim world. What about here? It is a fact that the milk al-yamin should not be an issue that we have a problem with.

So because we are apologetic about our religion and what Allah has revealed Muslims want to deny the presence and the concept and the permissibility of the right hand possession -  a man can have a concubine in al-Islam when Islam is being practiced correctly. And for every man that’s in this masjid right now, he can have, that one man, this many concubines in addition to his four wives. That’s the religion of al-Islam. If he had money it’s permissible for him to have this many concubines when Islam as practiced correctly. The people will say ‘Why are you mentioning that here? You’re embarrassing us.’ If you’re embarrassed then something’s wrong with you and your religion. That’s what Allah has revealed in his book.

Lastly ikhwani it is not permissible for the Muslim man to marry the non-Muslim woman. Nor is it permissible for the Muslim woman to marry the non-Muslim man under any circumstances.

To marry the Sikh, to marry the Hindu, to marry anyone who is an atheist is not permissible in the religion of al-Islam.

If you find, and you’re satisfied that those believing women who make (hijra to you, if they are believing women, then do not return them back to the kuffar. Those women are not halal for those kuffar and those kuffar men are not halal for our women. So clearly the Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man and the Muslim man cannot marry the mushrikeen.”

“You go outside of our masjid on Green Lane, and make a right, on the corner of Green Lane and Coventry Road the non-Muslims put up a big poster giving dawah to Lesbianism, only a few metres away from our masjid. And I have to say this, I was in Luton recently and the brothers from Hizb ut-Tahrir, who I don’t agree with their understanding of Islam and their way of establishing the Khilafah…in Luton those brothers from Hizb ut-Tahrir they go around late at night, they get a ladder, they get up on top of the billboards and they paint the naked ladies all black until all you see is her eyes and it’s like she has a jilbab on.

So some of the brothers took from that sunnah and did the same thing here but without the artistry of the Luton people. Did the Muslims do that?…And I’m not encouraging people to do that but that’s their freedom of speech. Muslims we should make a point about issues like this. Those kuffar should hear our opinion about issues like this.

I saw it with my own eyes, a programme of a non-Muslim bragging about him being married to a donkey, and he kissed the donkey and he bragged about the other things that he does with the donkey. And here comes the Muslim man and woman embarrassed about the opinions of those people…Our women become embarrassed about wearing hijab from the opinions of those people.

If you find, and you’re satisfied that those believing women who make hijra to you, if they are believing women, then do not return them back to the kuffar. Those women are not halal for those kuffar and those kuffar men are not halal for our women. So clearly the Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man and the Muslim man cannot marry the Mushrikeen.”

“From those examples of zina is the Muslim man or woman who agreed to go down to the register’s office and to get married with the kuffar, and they don’t get married with the Muslims. They only go down to the register’s office and they get married with the kuffar. This is zina. Even though that marriage is recognised in this country, that is zina in the religion of Islam. Allah told us in the Quran (Islamic quote) ‘Allah is not giving the kuffar a way over the Muslims’. He said (Islamic quote) in so many ayat of the Quran about the importance of (Islamic quote). He told us (Islamic quote) ‘Islam as a religion is uppermost’ and nothing else goes above Islam. The register’s office, or other than that, is not permissible (Islamic quote), the girl has to have a wali. (Islamic quote) And there has to be two just witnesses from amongst the Muslims, not from the kuffar.”

“(Islamic quote) Would you people choose to change what is worse, or what is better for what is worse? You leave the religion and take the way of those people. So it is not permissible for the Muslim to only get married with those kuffar. It’s not permissible. He has to get married with the Muslims first and if he doesn’t go to the kuffar it is acceptable.”

Dawah is one of the reasons that a person is allowed to live with the kuffar. But living with the kuffar is a major sin ikhwan and it closes the door for a lot of (?) in our lives. As we sit here ikhwan we have to hate it in our hearts, living with these kuffar. And whether you realise it or not, it is impacting upon us.

(Islamic Quote) He said ‘I’m free of any Muslim who lives with the mushrikeen. Their fires cannot co-exist. If you live with them their fire is going to overtake your fire, your children’s fire.’ So there is a lot of evil with living here and some of us are just stuck. So if a person is looking for an excuse to be here, one of those excuses is dawah, if he’s really giving dawah to the haq and properly.”

“Al-Islam goes over everything and nothing goes over Islam. The girl who becomes a Muslim today, her father’s a kafir? No brothers, no uncles who are Muslims? None of them can be the wali over that girl. We did not give the kuffar any way on top or over the believers.”

If you are a Muslim and you don’t draw a line between you and kuffar, you and kufr, then there’s a problem in your Islam.

But in living with non-Muslims and living with relatives and living with people who are doing bad things, that doesn’t mean that you join in with them. Living with the non-Muslims, does that mean because we live here we’re going to say homosexuality is OK? Are we going to say that? We’re going to say, the (?) is going to say (?) homosexuality is an abomination and it’s a major sin, and Allah destroyed communities as a result of it. But I’m living here and the law does not allow me to discrminate against homosexuals, the law does not allow me to harm homosexuals and on and on and on. As for do I condone homosexuality? Without biting our tongues we’re going to say (?) we don’t condone it. So don’t get it twisted and don’t get it mixed up, when I say being separate from kuffar, shirk and mushrikeen it doesn’t mean go live on a mountain. It doesn’t mean that. It means their way of life, those things that are counterproductive and against our religion, you have to take a stance against it.”

“Christmas is an assault on our children right now. There is an assault, especially during these days. These days we have to get involved with sitting those children down and telling them it’s not permissible for the Muslim child to participate in any aspect of Christmas celebrations, from A-Z, impermissible.”


The one who is married and he commits zina he is stoned to death. The one who is not married and he commits zina he is flogged one hundred times and he is put out and expelled from the city for a year, that comes from the sunnah.

The fornicating woman and the fornicating man, flog both of them one hundred times for what they did. Flog both of them one hundred times and do not allow any mercy to cause you to refrain from flogging them in the religion of Allah. Stand up for the truth and establish the religion. Flog ‘em.

The woman who fornicates and the man who fornicates flog both of them one hundred times. The scholars said one of the wisdoms behind that ikhwani is because ultimately the responsibility of the zina falls on the shoulders of the girl because she is the one who is going to ultimately give the final word.


“The World Health Organisation they said ‘Female Genital Mutilation is any tampering with the genitalia of the girl, any tampering with the genitalia.’ There are three types, the extreme one that Muslims do in East Africa, and then the one that’s a little lesser than that, and then the one that is the sunnah that the prophet allowed – it goes against what the World Health Organisation said. Any tampering is not acceptable with the World Health Organisation and if you do that sunnah in the UK you are breaking the law and you can go to jail. The point that I want to make about the piercing is that the kuffar they attack the Muslims for the sunnah, I’m not talking about the second and the third group, we are against that, the deen is against that. But the sunnah where a little bit is done, …didn’t bring anything that is going to harm the people, and you don’t have to do it but the point is the kuffar they attack our religion and they describe our religion as being barbaric for having this particular sunnah there. But then, according to their own definition, when the girl puts a piercing in that area, according to them that’s Female Genital Mutilation but they don’t have anything to say about it. So I’m mentioning this and I’m bringing it to your attention, connecting it to the lecture that we gave today about your identity. If you know who Allah is you know who you are, you know yourself. And part of knowing yourself and knowing your identity Muslims, especially you young people - don’t apologise to people for anything about our religion.”


52:07 Reading question from audience:

Living in this non-Muslim country, is it permissible for a Muslim woman to pursue higher education studies if she lives at home?

If she doesn’t compromise her Islam and she can protect her religion…she’s not a fitna for them (men) and they’re not a fitna for her, inshallah it is permissible but it is better for her to stay in her home‘Waqarna fee buyootikunna wala tabarrajna tabarruja aljahiliyyati al-oola’ - Stay in your homes women and do not make the display of the times of jahiliyya. If the woman comes out of her home, he said, (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) the Shaytan beautifies her.

What about the woman who comes out wearing the clothes that our women come out in? It’s better for  her to stay in her home.


“No man has the right to talk to another man’s wife except with his knowledge and permission, to talk with his daughter except for with his knowledge or permission, his sister except with his knowledge or permission.”

“Allah has created the woman, even if she gets a Phd, deficient. Her intellect is incomplete, deficient. She may be suffering from hormones that will make her emotional. It takes two witnesses of a woman to equal the one witness of the man.”


“We don’t judge by democracy. Well, here’s a problem we have right here today. Since we’re living in the West, since we’re living in America, we have to judge with democracy. As I mentioned to you brothers in the last two weeks, they have given the people in America who do the actions of the people of Lut, they have given them unprecedented rights. Now, now the child has the right and the school has the right to teach what they call ‘alternate’ education where you teach alternate lifestyles in the school system so that your child, if he goes to the public school, can be exposed and introduced to two lesbians. It used to be that on the books if a person got caught doing the (?) that he can be brought to trial for sodomy. They took that off now. So now they said if a Muslim, or anybody in the city, if one of those people come to you and they wanna rent your house, your appartment, your flat, if you discriminate against them you’re going to jail. If they come to work for you in your business, if you discriminate against them because of what they do, you’re going to jail. The Muslim says ‘Well I’m living in America, this is democracy, I have to practice democracy here’ all the while, every day when one of us goes to them with the (?) they discriminate against us and they have no (?) about it. But when the tables are turned you’ll find the Muslim being sincere having (?) in executing the way those people think and what they want from us, we can’t discriminate. We say Allah he will discriminate but we’ll discriminate in a way where we don’t get in trouble. The Muslim is a dentist, one of those people come and he has that disease, that tremendous disease that Allah put in those people, and he refuses to treat him, he may get his business taken away from him. So, as the Muslim dentist, I’m going to take a big, big needle and stick it in his gum and I’m going to numb all of the parts of his mouth to get that one tooth. No, I’m just joking ’cause they’ll take this (?) and get us all in trouble, it’s a conspiracy, everyone in the masjid. We’re just joking ikhwan. The point is ikhwan we judge by the book of Allah and the sunnah of the Messenger (SAW) according to what the companions understood and what they were upon.


“If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech, isn’t it? They’ll say ‘No’ I’m not tolerant. But they feel that it’s OK to say something about the Prophet”

“Do you practice homosexuality with men? Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain.”

“But even greater than that is the zina of homosexuality and the zina of lesbianism. The prophet (SAW) said ‘Kill the one who does it and the one who it’s being done to. Kill the one who was on top and the one who was on the bottom’ whether it’s a man or a woman, and this is going to come inshallah (translation missing) homosexuality, and how the companions looked at it, and how they used to punish them, and the severity and the seriousness of it, it’s from the the worst types of zina.

You go outside of our masjid on Green Lane, you make a right, on the corner of Green Lane and Coventry Road the non-Muslims put up there a big poster giving dawah to lesbianism, only a few metres away from our masjid.

Muslims we should make a point about issues like this. Those kuffar should hear our opinion about issues like this. We should have enough organisation, enough leadership to let those people know this is not tolerated in our community. Why by the masjid? They don’t do it by the church. So we expect from the Muslim leadership to have a stance and to make positions, let those people know.”


“So you can think of the worst sins, homosexuality, may Allah save us from that, may Allah save us from that crime.”


“And then finally the hadith ‘baddala deenahu, faqtuhulu’, ‘Whoever changes his religion then kill him.’ ‘Whoever changes his religion then kill him’. That’s not talking about the Yahudi [Jew] who changes his religion from Yahudia [Judaism] to Nasrani [Christianity]. It’s not talking about the Christian who changes his religion from Christianity to Judaism. It’s not talking about the Magian [Zoroastrian] who changes his religion from a Magian to being a person who doesn’t believe in Allah at all. This is talking about the Muslim man or woman who changes their religion from Islam to anything else, kill them in the Islamic state because he has made a form of shirk and that he has legislated for himself what Allah (swt) said was haram. And it’s haram for him to change his religion. So the Muslim who changes his religion, the penalty for that is death because he said it was halal.”


“If the Imam wants to crucify him, then he should crucify him. The person is put up on the wood and he’s left there to bleed to death for three days.”



“Muslims shouldn’t be satisfied with living in other than the total Islamic State.”

“We want the laws of Islam to be practised, we want to do away with the man-made laws.”

“The popular culture, if you are a person who gives yourself to that, your mind is going to be controlled by the so-called powers that be, who make these man-made laws.”



“So, murdering the baby by getting an abortion without having a legitimate reason in Islam is a (Islamic quote) and it’s like killing all of the people. Some of us we look at ourselves and we say ‘Well I’ve never killed anyone and I don’t plan on killing anyone and I don’t think a circumstance can present itself where I’m going to kill someone’ because you think about taking a knife and killing someone. You think about taking a gun and shooting someone. And we fail to think about that regular person from amongst us who, he’s not ready to have a baby, she’s not ready to have a baby and they’re married. So the girl gets pregnant and they get an abortion. That is murder.”



“Verily Allah is going to bring a group of people that he loves and they love him, these people will who will be soft and kind to the believers and they will be rough and tough against the kuffaar, they will fight in the cause of Allah.”

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