Who Is Hiring – Where To Find An Outsource Proof Job

The has been in a weak position since the downturn that exposed itself during the last few months of 2019. Things are looking better for companies and according to an article in the Huffington Post by Pallavi Gogoi, titled, “Job Market Booming Overseas For Many American Companies.” This piece states that American based companies created 1.4 million jobs overseas compared to less than 1 million jobs created in the United States.

This is happening because multinational corporations are by definition operating in multiple nations. With weak demand in America and strong demand in some foreign markets, companies are moving production closer to the strongest demand. In the past this demand would have been filled by exporting goods produced in the United States to customers overseas. Trade rules have changed and allow basing production closer to foreign customers more feasible. How do you find an anchor job in America that is resistant to outsourcing?

Health Care Revolution

If the job you are seeking requires face to face contact with your customers it will be difficult to outsource. This will bring you to the field of health care as an example. Health care is delivered in person and is an individual experience. Health care professionals have some of the most stable positions during a recession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has posted data on it website for November that states employment increased in healthcare by 19,000 in November alone.

The report stated that over 8,000 of those jobs were in hospitals. Health care hiring is not just relegated to doctors and nurses, there is an information technology revolution going on as incentives were included in the stimulus for medical records to be made electronically accessible for meaningful use over the next few years. An article titled “Meaningful Use’ Regs for Electronic Medical Records Finally Drop!” was posted on the Wall Street Journal website.


Mining support services is another area that has added jobs. Department of Labor Statistics stated that 6,000 positions were added in November 2010 and 74,000 jobs since October 2009. Mining is not just confined to traditional areas that some think about such as West Virginia and Kentucky. Mining takes place all over the country as lignite coal fired power plants often source coal from mines located in other parts of the country. The mining industry has added about 74,000 jobs since October 2009.

Temporary Help Is Hot

Temporary help services added 40,000 jobs in November 2010 and have added 494,000 positions since September 2009. Some of the increase in temporary help service logically is from people unable to find full-time work signing up with temporary help firms. The other factor driving temporary help growth are business staffing up without bringing people onto their permanent payrolls.

These are 3 areas that are increasing their hiring in the face of stagnant or increasing unemployment figures. While these bright spots can’t solve the overall job shortfall, they are a step in the right direction. In addition, these industries are firmly rooted on our soil.

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