Creating an Islamic Themed Home

In the , the home is considered a sanctuary where followers can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While not every home can have an extra room dedicated to prayer, there are a few things you can do to create an Islamic themed home. Cleaning up clutter and airing out the home can help free you up to focus solely on your prayer time. Choosing Islamic music or verses from the Koran will also add to the religious atmosphere in the home.

Creating an Islamic themed home: Clean up

An Islamic home is usually clean and well-ventilated. Cleanliness is especially important to the Islamic faith because the prayers are performed on the floor. You would not want dirt or dust to prevent you or your family from being able to concentrate on your prayers. Start decorating your Islamic themed house by thoroughly cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming the entire home. If you have throw rugs in your prayer room, take them outside and beat them with a large stick to get all of the dust out before vacuuming. Whenever possible, use natural cleansers like baking soda, vinegar, and warm water instead of chemical products. Try to remove as much clutter as possible from the home. Seeing physical clutter laying around can lead to a cluttered mental state as well, interfering with your ability to pray and commune with Allah.

Creating an Islamic themed home: Air it out

Nature and air are also very important to faith in an Islamic themed home. Place potted houseplants or flowers around your house, especially in the prayer room. Adding a specific area dedicated to nature, such as a rock garden, can also help you stay grounded and connected to nature whenever you are in your Islamic home. To improve ventilation, open the windows whenever possible and air out the home. Light can also give the appearance of a more airy house, so look for areas where you can open curtains or even add a skylight and brighten up your rooms.

Creating an Islamic themed home: Add some music

The right music or audio can help give your home more of an Islamic feel. Music from Muslim artists will add to the religious atmosphere of the home, along with providing musical entertainment for you and your family. To display your faith even more, you can buy audiobook versions of verses from the Koran and let those play throughout the day. Installing a home stereo system with speakers that run through the entire house will allow you to hear your Islamic audio choices in any room of your home.

Soul-Nourishing Islamic Books Should Be Part of Every Home Library

Book reading is a hobby and passion for many people. For some, these are collections that they display in their houses. Not everybody is into the reading hobby though. Some don’t even have the urge to even scan the pages. This is a proof that we all have different interests, but what exactly is really in books which makes these people so connected to it especially Soul-Nourishing Islamic books? Is there anything special in it that causes people become so engrossed and compassionate about?

Many said that the best wealth a person can own is knowledge and wisdom. It is the only treasure that can never be taken away from anyone. And books play a fundamental role in acquiring that knowledge and wisdom. The kind of books one reads depends on a number of factors such as your interest, mood and your environment. Some loves to read fictitious stories, whereas there are those who prefer to read real-life story books. There are also those who choose to read informative subject matters among them politics, science, philosophy and history while of course religious folks love to read religious books such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islamic books. Whichever people choose, they are surely available in libraries and bookstores.

Nowadays, if you’re planning to put up a library room within your home or build a small library in your place then be sure that you know the things needed to be considered when building or putting up your own library.

‘¢ Choose the perfect place to create your library. It is very obvious that the library should be a quite place. In picking the library space, remember to consider the people around you. A decent, quiet, and cool place is what you need to have for a more effective study area.

‘¢ A small but jam-packed library is often enjoyed. Any library, even if it is small but well maintained with a variety of book categories is well enjoyed by people or any loved one. Set it up with a variety and not just one type of book, unless you plan to use it just for your own.

‘¢A very good ambiance needless to say, is important. A lot of people come to the library not just to learn but also to relax. A relaxing and peaceful surroundings is recommended to experience a good reading moment that everyone desires. You can set up lights suitable for reading, air conditioning unit or effective electric fans as well as some soothing accessories for a more relaxing learning experience.

These are only some simple things that you need to be aware of when planning to build or set-up a library. Be sure to have some commitment in piling those books. Bear in mind to produce a complete category of books and include soul-nourishing Islamic books that will surely give you more knowledge on the rich cultures of Islam. Bring out your serious desire in reading books and let everyone have a share!

Islam: A Brief Overview

Much like Judaism, Islam follows the strict religious rules and regulations to worship their God or “Allah“. Many people question “How can Islamic followers be happy when there are so many rules?”. IslamicMuslims believe that God controls everything, even law, and they are required to submit to the lord. By performing these practices, they achieve a sense of security and accomplishment.

Islamic Muslims refer to the Qur’an, their prayer book as a guide to life. The Qur’an was given to Muhammad the prophet by the angel of Gabriel from God. Along with the Qur’an, Muslims follow the five pillars of Islam: the Shahadah the salah, the zakat, the sawm, and the hajj. These are basically the main rules to abide by. The main focus in Islam is etiquette and moral value. An example is that it is required that a Muslim donate a certain percentage towards charity and those in poverty each year.

Some sub-divisions of Islamic religion, such as the Taliban, altered the religion to an even stricter form of orthodox belief. The Taliban were Sunni Islams that ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Taliban followers prohibited items depicting living things, any forms of media, recreational activities, etc. Along with the strict rules, Women were treated very badly. They were beaten and had been confined to the home all day and were to be covered at all times. Massacres and executions were publicized at stadiums and arenas. The Taliban are still portrayed as barbaric and brutal. This shows that religion is a very powerful influence on most societies and when abused, can cause chaos.


Sachedina, Abdulaziz. “Religion, World Order, and Peace: A Muslim Perspective.” Cross Currents 60.3 (2010): 332-338. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 13 May 2011.

How to Convert to Islam

Islam is a religion based on the belief in one God and submission to God alone. Its followers believe that the is the last and final testament of God and the prophet Muhammad delivered it to humankind. Muslims also acknowledge that Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Noah were all prophets and Muslims because they believed in one God and submitted to him alone.

If you completely believe with both your heart and in your mind in one God alone and the submission to that one God and want to convert to Islam, then you are ready to take your shahadah, or profession of faith. Make sure that you fully understand and have all of your questions answered before you choose to be a Muslim, just as with the choice to practice any religion.

The Shahadah

The profession of faith, known by the Arabic word shahadah, is the moment between you and God when you become a Muslim. Although many people believe that the shahadah must be done in front of the congregation of a mosque or with an Imam, this is completely unnecessary. The shahadah is between you and God alone, and can be done anywhere.

The Arabic word for God is Allah and Allah is typically used in the shahadah. Clear your mind and focus your honest intentions on God. Say the following words aloud in prayer and you will then be a Muslim:

“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.”

After The Shahadah

Once you have taken your shahadah and are a Muslim, rely on the Quran and God to guide your daily life. Remember that Muslim means complete submission to God and God alone, and this is the core belief behind practicing Islam.

Practice your faith as a Muslim how you believe the Quran and God tells you to practice, not what someone else at the Mosque or even the Islamic scholars say how Islam should be practiced. The Quran states that we are each accountable for ourselves when we stand judgment before God and to use the ears, eyes, and brain we were each given to evaluate what we practice.

Basic Practice As A New Muslim

Start slowly with your practice and always listen to God. Get a copy of the Quran or read it online. Study when you can and try to read at least a page a day to start. Reading the Quran is a great way to get closer to God and learn about Islam.

The Quran says to pray morning, noon, and night. It does not say to pray 5 times a day. Pray as often as you can and build up. Prayer is your quiet time to spend with God each day and can help you to submit to God in all areas of your life you feel need improvement.

Consider fasting during Ramadan. Dates and information on the holy month of Ramadan is abundant on the internet. Ramadan is a special month when you can fast with your new community and refocus each year on your practice of Islam.

Give charity if you can. Part of Islam is being good to those around you and helping those in need. Donate things to don’t need anymore or give your time and money to a local charity.

Attempt to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at some point in your life. The pilgrimage is a humbling journey that connects you to the larger Muslim community and with God.

Peace and blessings upon you in your journey.

Islamic Answers to Basic Questions About Life

There is a good and evil, and right and wrong. Everyone is aware of this, but not many can word it correctly so that it can be easily understood. The fact that it is hard to put in words is the real cause of lots of misunderstandings from the educated elite to the completely illiterate concerning the definition of these two words. Both good and evil seem to be hazy words that float around the edge of our understanding, but usually never come squarely inside the realm of understanding. This short article will attempt to bring good and evil squarely inside the realm of understanding. Once good and evil is understood reasonably, then we can speak intelligently, and with clarity on a wide variety of subjects. I must warn the reader that some parts of this article are written more with sentence flow in mind instead of political correctness. For instance, in one place when speaking of all human beings, this article uses words such as ‘mankind,’ or ‘man.’ This was not an attempt to incite a riot because of a word, but only to make the sentences have a certain flow, and rhythm. With that being said, let’s get started defining right and wrong.

Right and wrong, or good and evil, is a standard for analyzing situations and behavior, particularly human behavior. Right and wrong can be used to describe the behavior of anything (and usually it is used to describe most things), but it is actually specific to human behavior. People have come to call things good or evil, right or wrong by prescription that really should not properly be called these things. For instance, people may say there is an evil fire, or a good rain. Since we understand each other when we use these words in this way, there is no harm done. However, in order to truly understand the meaning of good and evil or right and wrong we have to use precise meanings, and proper applications of these words. So, for the purpose of getting to the true meaning of good and evil, from this point let us agree that in this article, unless the context of the sentence dictates otherwise, ‘right’ will mean ‘good,’ and ‘wrong’ will mean ‘evil’ both interchangeably; and this paper will restrict these words to speaking of human behavior, unless the context dictates otherwise.

What can be called ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is usually thought to be a matter of opinion, but this is not true. Right and wrong are categories that come from four realities. These four realities come from one source. The four realities on which right and wrong are based are: life, death, sickness, and health. The four realities come from one source, and the source is God. God created life, will cause death, gives health and sickness.

All people are subject to life, death, sickness, and health. It is a person’s choice to believe or disbelieve in God. Simple disbelief in Him does not make anyone exempt from the order that He has imposed on the lives of people. No one caused their own life, nor can anyone prevent their own eventual death. At some point most people will get sick, and most people will enjoy some period of health. God is the source of all of these things. With that being said, then know that generally right and wrong are based on life, death, sickness, and health. Specifically, both right and wrong are based on Gods commands for people.

What is right are those things that promote health and life, and what is wrong are those things that promote sickness and death. What God commands us to do and allows us to do ends up promoting life and health, and avoiding sickness, and death. Those things that God tell us to avoid or He has forbidden are things that usually promote sickness and death. So what is right is what God tells us to do, and the things that God tells us to avoid doing are those things that are wrong. Outside of this definition, good is no more than someone’s opinion of how they would like for people to act, and evil is the way of acting that is displeasing to the person defining these things. In truth, only God can take that sort of position since He created us.

Now that the right and wrong has been defined, one can enquire as to how it applies to the most general situations in life so as to have a reasonably more accurate understanding of right and wrong. There are so many specific situations in life that it is futile to try to mention every single one of them. Almost all of the situations of life fall in these general categories: man’s understanding of

Soul-Nourishing Islamic Books: A Must for a Complete Library

Reading books is a hobby and passion for lots of people. For many, books are also collections they want to display in their houses. But there are others who don’t even like books. Some don’t even have the urge to even scan the pages. This just proves that people have different preferences, but what is really in these reading materials that renders them so fascinating to people like Soul-Nourishing Islamic books? Can there be anything awesome in it which makes people become so involved and compassionate about?


We’ve always hear it said that the most important wealth you could have is knowledge and wisdom. It is a form of treasure that is impossible to be taken away by anyone. And books play an extremely important role in gaining that knowledge and wisdom. The choice of books one reads relies on a few factors like your mood, environment and interest. Some loves to read fictitious stories, whereas others prefer to read real-life story books. Others choose to read informative subject matters for instance politics, science, philosophy and history while of course religious folks love to read religious books such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islamic books. Whichever people choose, they are surely available in libraries and bookstores.

Nowadays, should you decide to create a library room in your household or develop a small library in your in a space at your house then be sure that you know the things that you ought to take into account when designing or putting up your personal library.

‘¢ Choose a suitable place to install your library. It is a common knowledge that it should be a quiet place. And in choosing the location, do not forget to take into account the people around you. A decent, peaceful, and refreshing area is what you should have for a more effective study area.

‘¢ A small but jam-packed library would be enjoyed. Any library, even if it is small but well maintained with a variety of book categories can be well liked by people or any member of the family. Try not to focus on just one type of book, unless you plan to use it just for your own.

‘¢Good ambiance needless to say, is important. For most people a library is a room to learn and relax. A relaxing and peaceful environment is recommended so you can achieve the best reading pleasure that every book lover desires. Make use of bright lights, air conditioning unit or even just electric fans as well as some soothing decors for a more relaxing learning moment.

These are only a number of simple things that you have to take into consideration when planning to build or set-up a library. Be sure that you have the serious desire in piling those books. Do not forget to put together a complete category of books especially soul-nourishing Islamic books that can definitely make you appreciate more the world and the cultures of Islam. Bring out your burning desire in books and let this passion touch others as well!

Welcome to Islamberg: Is the Islamic Isolationist Community in Hancock, NY Something to Be Feared?

Imagine living near the mountains where the sun is glistening off a small pond in your back yard, your sitting on the porch drinking a cup of coffee and watching deer prance through the trees. Its very peaceful and you feel as though you could spend the rest of your life enjoying the countryside and the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Just then you hear guns firing across the hills. At first you think its just a group of hunters looking for the next big trophy or meal, but it continues and this time it doesn’t stop. You stand up trying to search the area for people however there is none to be found. Feeling uneasy about the whole situation you go back inside of your home and slightly brush open the curtains to see if there is a sign of anyone. As the days continue to pass along you notice that this happens at the same time everyday. What is it? Sparking curiosity you phone others that live nearby that are hearing the same thing and the surrounding countryside is starting to become uneasy.


If you live near or around the outskirts of Hancock, New York you will come to realize that there is a new neighbor in town. It is the city of Islamberg spreading across 70 acres of land full of bears, wolves, and Muslims with the words “No Trespassing” on signs surrounding the entire land. It may be the closest thing to “Mayberry” (from the Andy Griffith Show) in the mountains as the main road named “Muslim Lane” is the only drivable area. At the beginning of the city there is a man dressed in Islamic clothing (garb) and for those that wish to enter he requests that you turn around as that they do not accept unwelcome visitors into their city.

Looking over his shoulder you will be able to get a glimpse of where the horrible smell is coming from when your eye catches the displeasure of several outhouses and rundown trailers with what seems to have no power. All the secrets of this town are hidden within and no one, not even the local morgue attendants are allowed within the city limits and have to place the bodies on the ground. It is strange and the curiosity is very tempting, but the imaginative consequences are not in the least bit.

So where did all of these people come from? It is not evident where the hundreds that live there are from, but there are a few clues as everyone sports SUVs with license plates from New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Besides the activities that happen within the city most individuals that live in the town are employees of tollbooths or credit card processing centers.

You remember earlier the gunfire I was speaking of that could be heard around the surrounding areas? That was from a military training center that is on the east side of the 70 acres of land. You could find everything from climbing ropes fastened at the tops of trees, obstacle courses, and a regularly used firing range which it has been said that even the sounds of small explosions have taken place.

Now don’t get me wrong its somewhat like the rest of America. You know cars, housing, grocery stores with ARMED GUARDS! Yes, armed guards, the fact is these individuals know that they own the mountainside and are using intimidation to their advantage. People are afraid and wonder if it is some sort of center for bomb making and other venues that would be detrimental to America.

So who’s behind all of this to begin with? Try Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani who is part of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra which has been directly linked to the organization that wants to use violence to purify Islam. You will find the groups headquarters in New York scouring the prisons looking for convicted inmates to transform them to believe in the Jamaat ul-Fuqra cause. Once inducted they must simply abide by the laws of the ul-Fuqra which is considered by them their own laws that override any laws by the U.S. government.

You may be reading this thinking, “Well, that’s no where near where I live so whats the big deal”? Think again, Islamberg is not the only compound in the United States. There are various areas that have built up around many other states such as California, Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington with more that are being built.

While the U.S. Government has considered this group to be on the US Terror Watch List (whatever that means) the Jamaat ul-Fuqra continue to become more powerful with continuous groups everyday. This is not a tiny association, they have literally brought thousands

African Civilizations and Islamic Civilizations

Though both existed around the same time, the structures of social life and the treatment of women varied greatly in the civilization of Africa and the Islamic world. Not only were their political structures radically different, but their ideas of how women should act and be treated contrasted greatly to one another.

To begin with the treatment of women, one should mention that in African society, their lives were very free. Even with the introduction of Islam, women were allowed privileges unheard of in other societies. Though polygamy was common and the women was mostly submissive to the man, they could inherit property and played an important role in society by working in the fields along side the man. When they married, it was the man that moved into the women’s house, something not commonly practiced in other societies. The linage was also matrilineal rather then patrilineal, giving women considerable power. And unlike Islamic cultures, women could be befriend males outside of their families, and were not required to veil themselves in public.

The social structure was almost non-existent. In small villages, often of a single linage group, elders held most of the power. The village was led by a single ruler, often known as the “big-man”. Slavery was also accepted, and captors were often used a forced labors.

Islamic civilizations were different in their views toward women. Women were restricted. They cold not inherit property or divorce. They were required to cover all parts of their body, and were locked up inside of the homes. Forbidden to have any contact with males outside of their family, and submissive to the dominant male, they lived a controlled life radically different that those of African societies.

The social structure in Islamic societies was egalitarian, due to the Muslim belief that all were equal in the eyes of Allah. While they did have an upper class, there were no hereditary positions, and slavery was restricted to non-Muslims. Towns were not of a single linage, but of many. Even today, many of these attributes hold strong,

The societies of African and Islam undoubtedly were very different. While one was based mostly on religious beliefs, the other was based on tradition. In the end, both were held so sacred, that neither could over-influence the other.

From Agnostic to Islam: Is a Lifetime Long Enough?

The verdict was in – if I wanted to marry my love than I would have to convert to Islam.
As an agnostic individual there was a lack of conflict in the religion of my decision I was only concerned about honesty and morality.

Would I learn to believe in the religion? Could I learn to worship in Islam, or any faith? I, with no belief in organized religion was about to be thrust into one of the most dedicated religious sects with strong beliefs and solid pillars on which the religion stood? Was I going to be able to learn to believe in a higher power?

Would the lack of my religion throughout my life influence my feelings about the choice? I don’t think that it is possible. I am trying to learn about the customs, and look inward to find something within myself that compels me to believe. The problem with that however, is that there comes a point in your life when something draws you to religion – something occurs to make you believe. I have not yet encountered a point like this. I believe that I will – it just takes time.

The main reason that I am required to convert is to ensure that any children are raised in the Islamic faith. Am I going to be able to teach my children to worship – or could I stand at teaching the facts, and let them draw their own conclusions. It was not a difficult decision to convert but I felt like a fraud. In consolation, Islam is a religion that makes sense to me – and it is important to those that I love. If I am to convert, this is something that could eventually be a belief and a crucial factor within my life and therefore I am going to convert.

I would not convert for personal reasons; I would for the faith of those who I have grown to love. I had no problem with converting, but it would be easier if I were converting from another religion. I was dumbfounded as to how to convert to being a Muslim from being agnostic. How was I to practice a religion when I felt the whole movement of organized religion was wrong?

I began by reading the Qur’an, this helped me to understand more about the religion. As well, I took a university course about an introduction to Islam. This helped me to learn the fundamentals of the religion.

My first step was to learn everything that I could about the religion and culture. Here are some important lessons that I have learned.

Family is the first priority and the only priority. I learned this when we broke up temporarily and after we had gotten back together it took me almost a year to win over the family again. A tight knit family can be overwhelming at first but you have to get your way in there, and once you are in you have to stay in by keeping warm and attentive and doing things to make everyone happy.

In the most respectable way, the woman was still expected to be within the kitchen. I love to nurture but had a hard time with this dated stereotype. I had gotten used to it quickly and therefore averted all conflict.

I will convert in the future, and I have a lot to learn and look forward to the journey.

Islamophobia? Hardly!

Is it wrong to be sensitive about something that caused massive pain and suffer, not just for a city, but also felt as a nation? You would probably say, no Mark, that’s normal. Wounds can take a long time to heal and people should respect that. At least, you would think they could. But that’s not the case.

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (who I will now refer to as Imam because that’s too much writing) decided that it would be a good idea to open a Mosque at Ground Zero to “bridge the great divide”. And you know what, that doesn’t have to be such a terrible idea either. But right now, with all that is going on in the world, and given all that has happened, it’s wrong time and wrong place.

Our country provides for religious freedom and that is a wonderful thing. We are a diverse people and that is something that is an undeniable truth. There is, however, still an open sore that some people have caused who happen to share religions involved in the devastating attack that occurred at Ground Zero. But let’s face facts, there are other places to build this center.

Imam doesn’t get it, he’s trying to shove something down the face of New Yorkers who don’t want this. This isn’t going to bridge the gap, this is going to continue to foster ill will. If opened in another section of New York City, there would be no controversy and would hopefully be welcomed. But like I said, there are some places and some times that just don’t mix with what you want to do. I get the idea, I get the concept and I’m all for peace. However, if you’re going to form something to further grow that community you have to have the blessing of said community and it just won’t happen.

TIME Magazine has an article which calls this Islamophobia. I don’t think that’s what’s going on at all. There may be some people like that, but I think it more goes along the lines of rubbing salt into someone’s wounds. I think New Yorkers feel that Imam is thumbing his nose at them and rubbing their culture and religion in their face. Let’s not forget that these terrorists were religious zealots who despised our “Western culture”. Let’s not forget there are still plenty of those zealots still in our country and we keep finding more and more of them!

Can you imagine how many of these zealots would visit this site just as a way of further thumbing their nose at us? Can you imagine if some of them managed to operate out of there? My goodness, if that happened, the backlash would be so great, if they thought there was Islamophobia now, it would be nothing compared to that. And these people are good at covering themselves up and avoiding notice and already operate under our noses. How fitting of a place would this be? The Muslim community has been cast in a negative enough light, they don’t need this. They don’t need to jump out into the spotlight, no matter how much they want to heal the wounds. Wounds heal with time and it still feels fresh to a lot of people.

I don’t get why Imam is so insistent on this being built. I’m not sure why you would want to risk the backlash that is already happening. The best thing would be for him to say, “I can see that the wounds are not healed yet and I’m sorry. We will continue to work to cast our religion in a positive light and foster community with those of other religions. At this time, we will seek another venue and hope that the great people of New York will come and enjoy it with us and that we can heal these wounds together.” Where is that speech? Where? To me, that is basically stating that he, himself, is insensitive about this. I don’t like it and I don’t like where this is going. So Imam, you can use the speech I have prepared for you to heal these wounds or you can do more harm than good. Maybe everyone will get over it eventually, but with the lack of sensitivity many feel, it won’t soon. I want these wounds to heal and he should too.Technorati Tags: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf,mosque,ground zero,new york city,rant,Muslims,TIME Magazine,Islamophobia