Crest Coupons – Printable and Ecoupons – Proctor and Gamble

Crest toothpaste is one of the most recognized dental health brands in the United States. Owned by Proctor & Gamble, this brand often goes on sale in grocery stores. Printable Crest coupons make shopping on a budget even easier, as the ecoupons are convenient and available with a few clicks of a mouse and a printout.

Printable Crest Coupons

Printable coupons, combined with Sunday newspaper inserts like the Proctor & Gamble Brandsaver, give most shoppers more than enough for solid grocery savings. Manufacturers like P&G put Internet coupons on websites like, Red Plum, SmartSource, and their own website to help increase sales.

It’s easy to get hooked on using online coupons for Crest because it’s as simple as search, click and print. Or is it?


Finding Printable Coupons for Crest Toothpaste

Most major manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble now offer printable coupons at their corporate website and also from the monthly P&G Brandsaver insert. This is a great starting point; go to the Crest source site and see if coupons are offered. If so, print as many as the site permits.

Check websites like, Red Plum, SmartSource, and look out for promotions. Some industry associations, like the American Dental Association, offer public health campaigns with paper Crest coupons, and may even be part of an online Crest coupon campaign. Some manufacturers offer printable coupons in newsletters, so consider signing up for those as well.

Internet Coupons from Facebook and Twitter

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter allow manufacturers like P&G to reward customers who “Like” or “follow” Crest toothpaste, so consider using your Twitter and Facebook accounts to receive more offers for printables. These coupons, and any ecoupon, should be free; never pay for Crest printable coupons, and keep an eye out for all sources of free Internet coupons and discounts.

Combining Online Coupons With Sales

Weekly flyers from grocery stores allow careful shoppers to combine printable coupons with sales to save 50 percent, 80 percent, or even more on this toothpaste. So how does this work?

If the toothpaste is normally $2.99 per tube but on sale for $1.50, one $.75 Crest coupon, doubled, makes the product free. You don’t have to use a grocery store to save money, either. Drugstores such as:

  • CVS
  • Walgreen’s
  • Rite Aid

have aggressive savings programs, with Extracare Bucks, Register Rewards, and more to sweeten the deal and save you even more money.

Always be on the lookout and exhaust every promotion or resource for free printables. Call 800-492-7378 for details on coupons and promotions from P&G.