What Do Most Sharks Eat?

Sharks are the most feared animals that live underwater. With its large bodies, extreme hunting skills, deadly jaws, and powerful bites, no other sea animal can stand before it. Other than that, there are also reported cases of shark attacks that killed and injured thousands of humans every year in the seas. However, what do sharks eat most of the time? Is it always meat? Can they eat plants? Well, we’re here to find it out. So, let’s start now!

Sharks may have known as powerful predators, but due to its variety of types and species, there are differences when it comes to the food they eat. Also, sharks’ food can depend on the place they live in. Whatever food supply is dominant in that area, the sharks will consume it correspondingly. Another thing, the diet of sharks can adapt to survive. There are shark species that prefer particular prey, but when there is a lack of supply, they learn to adjust and eat whatever is available. Simply, they aren’t picky when it comes to the food they eat.

Moreover, there are two groups of a shark’s diet:


The first one is carnivorous. A carnivorous shark’s diet includes crustaceans, mollusks, and fishes. The large species can consume other mammals, including sea lions, seals, porpoises, and dolphins. Large fish species like the tuna and mackerel can also be part of a shark’s diet. Other than that, seabirds can also be consumed by sharks as they have the capability to hunt and jump off the water.

There are also some shark species that are overelaborate when it comes to food. The hammerhead sharks, for example, are fed exclusively on rays, and tiger sharks prefer turtles. The blue sharks, on the other hand, loves to consume fancy squids as their meal.


If there are carnivore sharks, there also exists the planktivore ones. These sharks are fed by planktons, which are marine species that live by group and can be found mostly on water’s surface. Aside from sharks, whales also consider planktons as the primary part of their diet. It may be little for these huge mouths, yet it provides the needed nutrition and taste that these animals look for. Another thing, it may be shocking, yet huge animals like sharks prefer to consume planktons more than meat.

In terms of the feeding strategy, the shark uses the process of suctioning water in its mouth and then filtrate the food through its long filaments that look like whale beards. Sharks catch planktons and filter it through its long filaments and swallow some quantity. more In terms of the excess water that came in with the planktons, sharks get it out through spitting it on the hole on top of its body.

Indeed, sharks have different eating and food choices, and it depends on their capability, adaptation, and environment. Now that you’re already aware of this information, may you use it to further study about the life and feeding behavior of this marine animal? In this way, more discoveries can be known that might be a great help for future researches.

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