Creating an Islamic Themed Home

In the , the home is considered a sanctuary where followers can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While not every home can have an extra room dedicated to prayer, there are a few things you can do to create an Islamic themed home. Cleaning up clutter and airing out the home can help free you up to focus solely on your prayer time. Choosing Islamic music or verses from the Koran will also add to the religious atmosphere in the home.

Creating an Islamic themed home: Clean up

An Islamic home is usually clean and well-ventilated. Cleanliness is especially important to the Islamic faith because the prayers are performed on the floor. You would not want dirt or dust to prevent you or your family from being able to concentrate on your prayers. Start decorating your Islamic themed house by thoroughly cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming the entire home. If you have throw rugs in your prayer room, take them outside and beat them with a large stick to get all of the dust out before vacuuming. Whenever possible, use natural cleansers like baking soda, vinegar, and warm water instead of chemical products. Try to remove as much clutter as possible from the home. Seeing physical clutter laying around can lead to a cluttered mental state as well, interfering with your ability to pray and commune with Allah.

Creating an Islamic themed home: Air it out

Nature and air are also very important to faith in an Islamic themed home. Place potted houseplants or flowers around your house, especially in the prayer room. Adding a specific area dedicated to nature, such as a rock garden, can also help you stay grounded and connected to nature whenever you are in your Islamic home. To improve ventilation, open the windows whenever possible and air out the home. Light can also give the appearance of a more airy house, so look for areas where you can open curtains or even add a skylight and brighten up your rooms.

Creating an Islamic themed home: Add some music

The right music or audio can help give your home more of an Islamic feel. Music from Muslim artists will add to the religious atmosphere of the home, along with providing musical entertainment for you and your family. To display your faith even more, you can buy audiobook versions of verses from the Koran and let those play throughout the day. Installing a home stereo system with speakers that run through the entire house will allow you to hear your Islamic audio choices in any room of your home.

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