From Agnostic to Islam: Is a Lifetime Long Enough?

The verdict was in – if I wanted to marry my love than I would have to convert to Islam.
As an agnostic individual there was a lack of conflict in the religion of my decision I was only concerned about honesty and morality.

Would I learn to believe in the religion? Could I learn to worship in Islam, or any faith? I, with no belief in organized religion was about to be thrust into one of the most dedicated religious sects with strong beliefs and solid pillars on which the religion stood? Was I going to be able to learn to believe in a higher power?

Would the lack of my religion throughout my life influence my feelings about the choice? I don’t think that it is possible. I am trying to learn about the customs, and look inward to find something within myself that compels me to believe. The problem with that however, is that there comes a point in your life when something draws you to religion – something occurs to make you believe. I have not yet encountered a point like this. I believe that I will – it just takes time.

The main reason that I am required to convert is to ensure that any children are raised in the Islamic faith. Am I going to be able to teach my children to worship – or could I stand at teaching the facts, and let them draw their own conclusions. It was not a difficult decision to convert but I felt like a fraud. In consolation, Islam is a religion that makes sense to me – and it is important to those that I love. If I am to convert, this is something that could eventually be a belief and a crucial factor within my life and therefore I am going to convert.

I would not convert for personal reasons; I would for the faith of those who I have grown to love. I had no problem with converting, but it would be easier if I were converting from another religion. I was dumbfounded as to how to convert to being a Muslim from being agnostic. How was I to practice a religion when I felt the whole movement of organized religion was wrong?

I began by reading the Qur’an, this helped me to understand more about the religion. As well, I took a university course about an introduction to Islam. This helped me to learn the fundamentals of the religion.

My first step was to learn everything that I could about the religion and culture. Here are some important lessons that I have learned.

Family is the first priority and the only priority. I learned this when we broke up temporarily and after we had gotten back together it took me almost a year to win over the family again. A tight knit family can be overwhelming at first but you have to get your way in there, and once you are in you have to stay in by keeping warm and attentive and doing things to make everyone happy.

In the most respectable way, the woman was still expected to be within the kitchen. I love to nurture but had a hard time with this dated stereotype. I had gotten used to it quickly and therefore averted all conflict.

I will convert in the future, and I have a lot to learn and look forward to the journey.

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