Islam: A Brief Overview

Much like Judaism, Islam follows the strict religious rules and regulations to worship their God or “Allah“. Many people question “How can Islamic followers be happy when there are so many rules?”. IslamicMuslims believe that God controls everything, even law, and they are required to submit to the lord. By performing these practices, they achieve a sense of security and accomplishment.

Islamic Muslims refer to the Qur’an, their prayer book as a guide to life. The Qur’an was given to Muhammad the prophet by the angel of Gabriel from God. Along with the Qur’an, Muslims follow the five pillars of Islam: the Shahadah the salah, the zakat, the sawm, and the hajj. These are basically the main rules to abide by. The main focus in Islam is etiquette and moral value. An example is that it is required that a Muslim donate a certain percentage towards charity and those in poverty each year.

Some sub-divisions of Islamic religion, such as the Taliban, altered the religion to an even stricter form of orthodox belief. The Taliban were Sunni Islams that ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Taliban followers prohibited items depicting living things, any forms of media, recreational activities, etc. Along with the strict rules, Women were treated very badly. They were beaten and had been confined to the home all day and were to be covered at all times. Massacres and executions were publicized at stadiums and arenas. The Taliban are still portrayed as barbaric and brutal. This shows that religion is a very powerful influence on most societies and when abused, can cause chaos.


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