What to Consider When Organizing a Baby Shower: An Quick Guide to Stork Party Protocol

Baby showers are for showing new parents that there’s a circle of people that cares about them and the new life they are bringing into the world. Whether it is an intimate gathering or an elaborate affair make sure that there is lots of caring and fun going around.

There are no rules in organizing a baby shower. In making decisions about a baby shower keep in mind that the parents-to-be should feel loved and cared for at their shower.

Who Should Host the Baby Shower?

Any person could host a baby shower for someone close to them. It might be a good idea to consult the parents-to-be about what they would like. Do they want it to be a surprise? Who would they like to invite? In some instances it might be better to have two baby showers for the same couple.

What Will We Do at the Stork Tea?

Choose a theme for the shower based on the preferences of the parents-to-be. The host of the baby shower should know them well or work closely with someone who does. Not everyone is comfortable with guessing- or group games and might rather prefer a subdued atmosphere with classical music and informal chatting.

One option is to structure the decorations such as flowers, table cloths and gift wrap around whether the couple is expecting a boy or a girl. Choose white lace and anglais for a girl and go for earthy colors and rough textures for a boy. If the gender of the baby is unknown, choose a color like orange or green.

Plan the menu accordingly – dainty petit fours for a girl and an earthy homemade soup or quiche for a boy. The aim is to create an ambiance in which the parents-to-be and guests will feel at home.

Should the Baby Shower be a Surprise or Not?

It is not always easy to keep a surprise from a new mom who will put Sherlock Holmes to shame with her snooping. Take the cue from her, if she would rather know, let her. Keep in mind that pregnancy hormones plus surprise parties may equal volatile emotions. While a bit of crying may be expected at a baby shower, one doesn’t want to cause an eruption of sadness or anger at her partner who lied to keep the secret.

Suitable Gifts for a Stork Tea

Gift registries, nappies-only, 3 – 6 months size only, no newborn size, consumable baby products only, cash only, gifts for mom only – the possible list of ways to request particular gifts is inexhaustible. Let the prospective parents decide how they would like to structure the gift giving, then make sure that you communicate it clearly to the guests.

Whatever limitations the invitation may place on gift giving, make sure the gift are thoughtful and personal. A handwritten card with a classic quote on parenting presented with a beautifully wrapped gift will certainly fulfill any requirements. For women who are expecting their second or third child, a gift for mom with a ‘baby sitting voucher’ attached may be the best choice. Steer clear from bath products for expecting moms for the risk of infection.

When Should we Have the Baby Shower?

Traditionally baby showers are held in the last trimester of pregnancy. A current trend is to have the baby shower after the baby is born. The advantages of having if after the arrival of the baby is that the gender of the baby would be known (in the case of parents who chose not to know before hand) and that all close friends and relatives will have an opportunity to see the new baby at one time which will curb the stream of visits to the house with the new arrival. The parents-to-be will also have a more realistic idea of what they still need and what the guests can bring as gifts.

Where Should we Have the Stork Tea?

If the parents-to-be have strong preferences – follow their lead. If not, there are a few options to consider. Baby showers at home have a more personal atmosphere, but having it at a restaurant or coffee shop may be a special treat. Hosting it at a place other than home means the hostess has less work, but may make the budget more complicated and limit the number of guests. A small and intimate baby shower with only a couple of friends may even work well in the form of a day-at-the-spa with the expecting mom

Hosting a baby shower involves numerous decisions. In all, it is best to put the preferences of the parents-to-be first. Try to be creative in decision making and give the parents-to-be a stork tea that they will fondly remember.

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