Therapy and medications: For depression and anxiety

This therapy is called . A fairly new way of thinking that was first developed in the 1950-60’s. It was intended to teach you about the interaction of mind and mood. Its main message is based on the idea of what we think will happen is at least as important as to what actually happens.

Therapy consists of writing, talking and performing home assignments. We slowly learn to make changes by thinking, doing things and viewing our problems in a different way. This will helps us to devise solutions, Things will change as will our thinking and how we react to a situation.

People who are referred by their doctors to brief therapy treatments can usually manage their lives well, but somehow have become stuck in a situation or thought pattern. and with the help of a therapy team member will find you are back to normal.

Each member of your team belongs to colleges that set standards of practice and whose purpose is to protect the public.

Your team consists of:

1. YOU the most important person on your team

2. Psychiatrist MD.

3. Psychologist PhD.

4. Psychologist Associate MA

5. Social Worker MSW RSW

6. Social worker BSW RSW

7. Registered Nurse RN.

During and after therapy, learning how to make small changes in actions and thinking will result in positive changes in both feelings and self-esteem.

Medication can also be a very important part of your treatment. There are over 100 different medications so which can have side effects, it is therefore important to work with your doctor to help find one that is suitable for you. For more information, please go to

It is important to consult your doctor before stopping or changing dosage since an adverse reaction can occur

Alternative Medicines: it is very important to educate yourself as there are dozens of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals marketed as natural medicines. However, when researching focus only on the products backed by solid research. Before trying any natural medicines check with your doctor or homeopath. For more information, please go to

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