Maintaining Customer Relationships With Email and Social Networks

When combined with email marketing, social network marketing can become quite an effective long-term yet cost-effective sales acquisition platform. All it takes is developing the right kind of customer relationships. Once that’s done, the following tips will help in maintaining those relationships so that customers are loyal and are willing to avail of offers repeatedly.

Turning One Purchase Into Another

Any long-term email marketer will attest to the fact that the value of purchase-proven customers in massive. That is because it is always easier to sell to a customer the second time around than it is the first. Not only does it take less effort but also less resources.

Customers, especially those that are online, value security and peace of mind more than anything else. When an internet marketer or online entrepreneur is just another anonymous salesperson offering them a deal for their money, skepticism can easily pop up, rear its ugly head, and talk them out of a purchase.

The second time an online entrepreneur is pitching, that skepticism is no longer there. It is replaced with a healthy confidence to trust the company and make another purchase. As long as online entrepreneurs continue to offer quality products, online offers, and services to their customers, they will end up with sales relationships that is fit for long-term efforts.

The real value of email and social network marketing is in keeping brands at the top of customers’ minds in order to encourage them to make repeat purchases. If a purchase-proven customer signs up for an email newsletter or connects with a company through a social networking account, it means that that person is more than likely to avail of other offers by the same company in the future. With a solid email marketing strategy and social networking presences, repeat purchases can go on for the long term.

Keeping Long-Term Contact Alive

There will undoubtedly be times when online entrepreneurs will feel short on effective, action-taking customers. It could be a slow period, or it could simply be the effect of marketing materials wearing off and customers losing interest in the same products.

To prevent this from being a catastrophic setback, online entrepreneurs as well as internet marketers should a backup plan ready. Whether it is an auto-responder message or a personalized and hand-written email, they should have something ready to send to revive the commercial spark and get sales moving again.

Social network marketing works for those who intend to make money online but only if it is part of a complete internet marketing plan. If combined with a solid email marketing communications strategy, the potential for long term marketing is massive.

Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

I’ve never been that much of a fan of Valentine’s Day. Even now that I have a steady boyfriend I’m not that crazy about it. It has always seemed a bit too commercial for me, but I always loved the story of how Valentine’s Day came to exist. The most prominent myth is that a priest named Valentine defied the decree of the that soldiers could not marry. Valentine, it is said, believed the law was unjust and secretly performed marriage ceremonies between soldiers and the women they loved. Ultimately, Valentine was caught and imprisoned, but even then he would marry any young couple that clandestinely visited his cell. Valentine was a man who believed that nothing could stand in the way of love and he eventually gained sainthood for his beliefs. It is such a romantic story, and the special day to celebrate St. Valentine was supposed to truly be about the celebration of love, but what started out as a simple holiday has changed, drastically. Is it still possible to enjoy this holiday without it feeling forced?

St. Valentine’s Day has turned love into something of a national commercial, but I still think women want to enjoy it. We all want to be pampered, I know, but I also know we girls have to protect ourselves. Protect us from what, you ask? Protect us from the cruelest part of this holiday–the chocolate. Good God, the chocolate! Valentine’s Day comes so close after the major food-stuffing holidays, and just when we are starting to take off the ten pounds we put on, along comes our guy presenting us with a five-pound box of chocolates he bought at the mall.

And how often has a woman received a nicely wrapped box from her boyfriend, picked it up and heard herself internally say, “Uh-oh.” The box is light. Too light and it can only mean one thing: lingerie. Without even opening it she can already envision the contents. Images of red underwear with an attached bustier designed to “lift and separate” invade her thoughts. Her palms sweat as she opens up the box to reveal the lacy nightmare that surely was concocted as more of a gift for him than for her. Most often these gifts are not vindictive so much as most poor guys have no idea what else to get. Don’t let this happen to you.

Business and Marketing Plans for Xmas Holiday: Simple Guides for Creating Small Business Marketing Strategies

As the winter holidays approach, business owners, especially small to medium sized ones, should start strategizing sales and marketing plans for the festive season.

Develop a Business Action Plan

There are a million ways to promote and generate business over the Christmas holidays, so start making decisions on what needs to be done to draw in customers and maximize sales. In short, do research and put together a marketing plan.

Decide on a budget to be spent over the winter season. Start off by taking care of the basics, such as whether or not new decorations will be needed, what kinds will be bought and how much they cost; if promotions are needed and what kind; if greeting cards will be posted or e-mailed, and extending business hours.

After making a list of what is needed for the holidays, start organizing the staff and assign responsibilities to each and determine a deadline for tasks. Don’t forget to announce the holiday work schedule so the staff can work around it.

Start Sales and Marketing Plans Early

Keep in mind that Christmas is a busy time, so get marketing materials designed and printed as soon as possible. Little expenses like stamps and greeting cards can pile up and become expensive, so budget planning is critical.

Also, think about the extra working hours needed to complete a holiday project and make sure workers are available to meet the extra demands. Coordination with other firms must be taken into consideration when scheduling marketing plans. Magazine publications for example, often plan their content months in advance to get the best match possible for ads.

Thank Customers

Make an effort when selecting greeting cards so that they act as a successful business representative with the right brand image which also speaks to the interests and beliefs of customers. Include personalized greetings that speak to each client as a valuable customer.

Plan the gifts that will be distributed in December, such as free sessions for a service-based business like a hair salon or a spa. Make sure to finalize offers and pricing, brainstorm ideas for holiday products, services, offers and events and send out preview season announcements and offers to clients via e-mail and networking sites.

Sign-up New Customers and Land Sales

Christmas is the perfect opportunity for businesses to introduce new products into the market as shoppers are on the lookout for new and novel items for gifts. Study who the target market is and start marketing as early as possible as some people start shopping for presents in November.

Why Life and Critical Illness Insurance Matters: Level Term Life Insurance is Not Enough to Protect Your Family

Why is a Life and Critical Illness Insurance Policy Necessary?

Research by Bupa (a leading provider of health insurance coverage) showed that a 35-year old male was five times more likely to make a claim under a critical illness policy than level term life insurance. This means that it is essential for those with a young family, unpaid debts and/or a mortgage. A sudden loss of income can be financially catastrophic, particularly if that person is the sole bread winner.

The Cost of Critical Illness Policies

It doesn’t take a professional actuary to determine that the likelihood of developing a life-threatening health problem increases with each passing year. Although a combined life and critical illness insurance policy is always more expensive, it is cheaper to take out coverage when younger. It is generally cheaper to take out coverage for women than it is for men, although this will be affected by the individual’s choice of lifestyle. Those who drink heavily or smoke will need to pay a higher premium.

Be Honest About Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Although premiums won’t be reduced, it is essential that the insured is completely honest when answering questions about previous health problems and their choice of lifestyle. Whilst admitting to being a smoker will increase monthly premiums, failing to do so will invalidate the policy. The insurer is able to perform a series of checks to ascertain the validity of the data they have been provided. Any pre-existing medical conditions will be specifically excluded from the coverage.

When Will Critical Illness Protection Pay Out?

Following the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease, a life and critical illness insurance policy will pay out once the insured has survived for a period of not less than 15 days. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) requires that each insurer should pay out upon diagnosis of one of 23 different life-threatening illnesses. Whilst many providers will compensate the insured upon the diagnosis of a number of other conditions, these are the bare minimum criteria that the ABI specifies.

Level Term Life Insurance is Not Enough

The likelihood of a term life policy paying out is less than 1%, but the figure is far higher for those with critical illness policies. The reality is that a lot of people will survive following a life-threatening illness. Don’t forget that a weak heart is unlikely to be aided by unpaid debts and collection agency activity. How will medical bills and subsequent care be paid for as well? The cost of a combined life and critical illness insurance policy is higher, but it is a price that is well worth paying.