Haddad agrees with Hakeem: Fuck your family off if they lodge Islam.

Posted on March 16, 2013

Of all the bad stuff you hear come out the gobs of some orthodox Muslims, the thing that still shocks us the most is telling people they should have nothing to do with family members who have left Islam or converted to another religion. Surely they’re not serious when they say to disown your own mother or father, son or daughter, sister or brother, wife or husband just because they’ve fallen out of love with the religion? That’s like super bloody harsh man, like some crazy cult thing.

Assim Al-Hakeem has voiced his opinion on family members who have converted to Christianity:

“…there are no pledges of allegiances between you and that relative who committed that act of apostasy whether he is your father, your mother or your brother. The minute he rejects Islam in such a fashion you have no relationship with him or any pledge of allegiance to assist him or to help him…if you feel that he is defiant, he is fixed on not accepting Islam, it would be advisable for you to shun him, to sever all connections with him…”

Haddad likes a drop of it too. In a recent moan he had this to say about people who have not necessarily left Islam but who, according to qualified Muslims, have committed acts of kufr and are no longer worthy of the title of ‘Muslim’:

“…the hellfire is waiting for anyone who is rejecting Allah and his messenger. It’s up to them, we can’t do anything about it. Moreover, their families, it will be haram for them, if it has been established that they have left the fold of Islam and they can not be considered as Muslims, if their families…their spouses are considering themselves as Muslims, then they should not continue  having any kind of relationship with them because it is haram to have a relationship with a person who denounced his deen, his religion, denounced al-Islam.”

I can hear the words coming out of Haddad’s mouth but does he honestly believe them? Would he disown his wife or children if they ‘left the fold of Islam’?

You’d hope that if it come to the crunch he wouldn’t be able to go through with it.

Oh, btw am winding this blog up, if anyone wants to take it over there’s a post about it gonna follow shortly.

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