iERA speakers – What they’ve said and what they believe.

Posted on April 11, 2013

In December of last year an email was sent to iERA regarding its chairman, Abdurraheem Green, and his views on non-Muslims, Jews, Christians, homosexuality, stoning, women and domestic violence. iERA did not respond and subsequent posts of the email on iERA’s Facebook pages were deleted. These are questions that iERA would rather avoid answering it seems.

iERA denies that Abdurraheem Green or any of its other speakers have encouraged discrimination and hatred towards minority groups, it is an organisation committed to ‘educating and informing humanity about the truth and noble message of Islam.’

iERA Press Pack

“iERA and some of its speakers have been charged with accusations of anti-Semitism. This is a charge that we categorically reject and the fallacy of this accusation can be easily seen through both our words and deeds. We would like to formally express that we do not under any circumstances promote, condone or support discrimination and enmity towards the Jewish people…we would like to reaffirm our position that we condemn all forms of injustice and anti-Semitism.”

“iERA completely rejects the accusation of misogyny. Islam is extremely clear on the role of women in society and her value as an equal human being. This is the view that all of our speakers hold in word and deed.”

iERA responds to Accusations of Calling for Homophobic Hatred & Violence

iERA and any of its speakers have never called for hatred or violence towards homosexuals; these accusations are antithetical to our work in thought and deed.”

The views of iERA’s speakers can be found here:

iERA speakers- What they’ve said and what they believe

The iERA page will be updated with more statements and more speakers.

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