Abu Taubah – Homosexuals/’Faggots’ (2)

Posted on April 16, 2013

While our children, their challenge is different. Their challenges are a lot different. What are the challenges that they face? It’s the same challenge that was faced by the people of Lut. Lut, everybody knows the prophet Lut. His name is synonymous with homosexuality. Not that Lut (alaihis salam) was a homosexual, but his people were Sodom and Gomorrah. And first of all, before we start talking about this, a lot of adults say ‘Well, it’s not proper to talk about this thing. It’s not, you shouldn’t say this in front of children, you shouldn’t talk about homosexuals or faggots in the masjid.’ Well this is not true. Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) mentions the homosexual acts and talks about these faggots in the Quran. In the Quran (Arabic), Allah is not afraid, not shy to bring the truth. So we make the excuse that our children are not ready for us to deal with these things, yet Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is giving us a lesson to deal with these things early. It’s we that are too weak and not ready to deal with these things in a proper manner.

Allah tells us that they threatened to throw them out and many of y’all afraid to lose your citizenship, your papers, you’re afraid to speak about and talk about and deal with the issue of homosexuality. The khutbah that I made today wasn’t made by me alone. It was made by the boys and all of the girls that came upstairs. They made the khutbah. So the things I’m telling you are the things they told me, why the people don’t talk to them, why their parents don’t talk to them about homosexuality.

You bring the children into the world and out here in America you give them what they say, I asked them, I said ‘How is it that y’all know about homosexuality?’ They said ‘We got MTV.’ They said ‘Our parents buy us these faggot clothes,’ this is what the children said. Because I said ‘How is it that you become to know about this?’ And it’s like the messenger of Allah said ‘Everybody’s born on the fitra’ but it’s your parents that make you what you come out to be. So it’s you that give them the gay toys. Here’s a list they gave me, the faggot toys. Who knows Spongebob? Spongebob is gay. And these are the subtle things that they put in this gay society to promote homosexuality, and you, the Muslim parent, go and get the homosexual idea and put it in your child’s mind.  The children said you show them sex movies. Movies with sex, people kissing,  and doing all types of things, where the person in the movie is gay or acts effeminate. And you show them to them and you say it looks funny. Here’s what you do to see your child with the mentality of homosexuality. Are you growing Muslims or are you raising faggots? You are responsible, not them, because you are the ones that feed them, you are the ones that direct them. And they said that they have the internet and they see a lot of homosexual stuff on the internet through videos. They even said ‘YouTube.’ They mentioned the site. YouTube is where they learn about homosexuality. And then they said the main place ‘at school.’ At school, the school you send them to.

They said the other place that they get this stuff from is from their school friends, from their friends at school. Because their friends at school, like the Imam said, they’re given the choice, they can be whatever you want to be. Anything you wanna be, you can be. And if you stop them they’re gonna throw you out, they’re gonna take your green card, your resident visa, your citizenship. But there is a way, there is a way, if you can be adult enough to deal with it. So, I asked them ‘What else do your parents do that make you understand about homosexuality?’ They said ‘They don’t say anything. They don’t say anything and they let us find out about it on our own.’ This is not my statement. This is the statement of children six years old and older. Some of these statements are from six-year-old children. The oldest of them was fifteen, one fifteen year old. They say ‘They don’t say anything.’ So it’s like it’s OK, it’s not so bad. It’s your parents that make you a Yahoud, a Nasara, a Majus or a Muslim. I asked them about the school, what can you do? They said ‘Why don’t they send us to a Muslim school? Why don’t they send us to a school where they will teach that this is wrong?’

So we see the people, the adults, the first stage of allowing and dealing with your child to teach them how to be a homosexual, is you spoil the child. Some of these boys, the first thing you see with the boys is they wear these tight pants and they stick their shirts in, and you the Muslim man know that the boy’s clothes is supposed to be loose, not showing his front and his back. But you think because he’s a little boy it doesn’t matter. No, it does matter. It makes a difference because they have all these perverts out there who see that. You have all these, most American people, most Americans that were raised up here were molested when they were children.

So most of the time, most of the time the women that come over here, that’s born here as Muslims, their parents are immigrants, they lose their virginity to a kafir. This is the reality. So much so the New York Times is talking about it. They got a new operation to help the Muslim. They say ‘Regain your virginity.’ And they give it to them in secret and it’s blowing up here in the United States from immigrant Muslims whose parents are embarrassed that their daughter lost her virginity to some kafir, or to some Muslim, because they were not adult enough to recognise that this child is horny, that this child wants to get married. And if you don’t marry them then they will marry themselves. The reality, their friends are faggots. They come to them and they introduce this to them and they talk to them about it. You their parents, it’s your obligation to protect these children from all these things.

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