Salim al-Amry – They’re after our children, most of their men are gays, leave their lands.

Posted on April 18, 2013

We have answers for the social problems. They have a problem. Give them the solution they don’t have. Most of their men are homosexuals, gays. So who will marry their women? What solution do they have?

And that we receive lame excuses from the Muslims because they are so content and complacent by living among the kuffar when they are losing their children… If you just smack your little boy, your little child, and he raises the phone, that child is gone forever…and we find people they are trying to justify their stay among the kuffar.  Make it one, the first priority on your agenda to make the hijrah. Brothers I will not compromise and I will not, I mean, hide the truth. The prophet () made it very clear, he said ‘I wash my hands of every Muslim who lives among the mushriks.’ And he said ‘Anyone who revert to Islam, Allah will not accept from him any deed until he leaves the mushrik and joins the Muslims.’ Muhammad () said this. So now it’s up to you to think about it. Put a plan, I will move after one year, two years, three years, five years, but it’s there, that I’m not going to stay forever.

Spinsterhood and bachelorhood, Islam solves that problem. OK, we have a surplus of women, Islam solves that problem by the polygamy, marrying more than one wife. That’s the solution of this…half a husband is better than none, a quarter of a husband also better than none, third of a husband is better than nothing. If you have a quarter of a husband, that means a husband who is married to four wives, and he will come to you on the fourth night, say hamdulillah, providing that this husband will look after the four wives and will sustain them financially. Not that as I heard many brothers they tell their wives it is sunnah to have more than one wife, and he’s not working, he’s begging the kuffar and he wants to do this sunnah. OK? So first of all prove to us that you are a man OK? That you will sweat for your bread, that you will not beg the kuffar, then it is halal for you.

Homosexuality.  Homosexuality, the punishment for it, homosexuality in Islam, is capital punishment.  Allah subahanahu wa ta’ala he destroyed the town of Sudum where the people of Lut  lived, because they were doing anal, they were involved in that shameful deed.

And now, in this Jahiliyyah civilisation it is something legal.  And now they are teaching homosexuality in schools.  So, don’t be surprised if your little son comes and says, ‘Daddy, I’m homo.’  Because that is the system you are living in.

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