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Posted on July 26, 2013

A quick defence of Isamic organisations ‘Inspire’ and the ‘Islamic Society of Britain’ who both get a slating here.

The piece says:

“News now reaches us that Khan has been busy promoting some rather dubious outfits…This includes the group ‘Inspire‘”

Ain’t got much time to bang this out and anyone who thinks ‘Inspire’ is a “dubious oufit” needs their head tested, or a smack, or both, but here’s a couple of bits from Sara Khan, Inspire’s Director, worth checking out:

Women, Fitnah and the Washing Machine

“As a teenager who had dreams of changing the world and standing up to injustice, I definitely did not get much encouragement from those predominately Salafi books which continue to dominate many Muslim bookshops today.”

“…what I find shocking now, almost 20 years later, is how these conservative views are still so dominant amongst many Muslim organisations and communities, Muslim TV channels, mosques, Muslim bookshops and even amongst university educated Muslim men and women.”

“It is time we woke up to the reality of the dominance of conservative views about women in British Muslim communities and how ultimately this contributes to a great gender injustice for both men and women.”

Muslim women: beyond the stereotype

“Citing the student who stabbed the MP Stephen Timms, she says: “It’s not surprising Roshonara Chaudhry learned her faith from the internet.” Khan argues that the government’s much-criticised preventing violent terrorism scheme, now being revamped, suffered from a lack of female involvement.

She makes a compelling case for women to be central in the battle against extremism. “Women shape values in children,” she says. Inspire runs workshops to educate mothers in countering al-Qaida propaganda, arming them with religious texts they can use to rebut the arguments of extremists that their children may hear.”

Can’t remember which show it was on, but it was one of those morning debate thingies where Sara Khan bigged up British troops much to the delight of EDL. If I find it I’ll whack it on here.

A Press Release from Inspire on Panorama’s ‘Secrets of Britain’s Sharia Councils’:

“Panorama’s programme (22nd April 2013) on the unregulated and discriminatory practices of some of Britain’s Sharia councils has been of long concern to Inspire. ‘Secrets of Britain’s Sharia Councils’ highlighted how some of the services provided by Sharia councils, in particular arbitration and mediation services, operate in a way that is at times discriminatory towards women, undermining their human rights which should be protected by British law, especially with regards to child custody and domestic violence cases.”

“…many Muslim women voluntarily turn to Sharia councils, unaware they are submitting to patriarchal and out-dated interpretations of their faith.”

If that hasn’t scared the shit out of you then don’t go getting all comfortable yet, Inspire are guilty of other serious shizzlepurnizzle:

“Khan has also spoken at the London Muslim Centre (LMC), the headquarters of the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), at an Inspire conference in recent years.”

“Inspire promotes itself as a moderate organisation which supports women’s rights but allies with Islamists and holds conferences in venues favoured by Salafi-Jihadists…”


And who did Inspire invite to speak at their ‘Muslim Women: Pioneering Change in 21st Century Britain’ event at LMC? That dangerous Islamist headcase Usama Hasan! And if I remember rightly, it’s during this talk that Hasan has the nerve to make the argument that covering the hair is not obligatory. Cheeky…little…bugger:

On to the Islamic Society of Britain. ISB have been around a while, they come out of the traps in 1990, faces have come and gone and their annual event ‘Living Islam is massive. Paul from AoBM rates em, go on son:

“Other groups being promoted by Khan are: The Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) – which was set up by Islamists linked to Jamaat-e-Islaami…”

Yes, ISB had a bit of a thing for Maududi in the early days. If the writer of the article was up to date on fashion trends they’d be aware of the Maududi fan club being none too pleased with the direction that ISB has taken. Anyways, lets look at some of ISB’s Jama’at-inspired rhetoric:

Dilwar Hussain, President:

We must do more to nurture debate around Islam’s relationship with the state

“To many people today Islam, of all the world faiths, is probably the least likely to be compatible with such a secular distinction. Yet a recent publication ( British Secularism and Religion: Islam, Society and the State, 2011), that I helped to edit, argues that Islam can be read in precisely that way. In fact, secularity is very important for Muslims in the modern world, as it is the basis for equality, democracy, freedom, human rights and the autonomy of religion itself. These values have a strong resonance with my reading of Islam even though some conservative voices may disregard these as ‘western values’.”

‘Nothing Holy About Hatred’ campaign against homophobia gets support in Manchester Pride’s Big Weekend

“One faith group who have given messages of support to the campaign is the Islamic Society of Britain. The group’s president, Dilwar Hussain, who is also Head of the Policy and Research Centre at the Islamic Foundation, said: “Love, mercy and compassion are at the core of all of our faith traditions – whatever moral position people may take on same-sex relationships, there is no excuse for discrimination or hatred. There is nothing holy about hatred!”

Muslim leader from Leicester says Islam must integrate

“Leicester’s Dilwar Hussain, from Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), hoped to encourage the Muslim community to “think very seriously” about its place in the nation at large.

“Mr Hussain, who was elected in June and is based at the Islamic Foundation in Leicestershire, would like to adapt Islamic practice to feel more British and European.

He said he also felt strongly about the danger of extremism and expressed the view that it was not only a problem for the Muslim community.

“We need to stand together to tackle, alienate and isolate those extreme voices,” Mr Hussain said.”

Dilwar does other typical Jama’at stuff like defending people’s right to burn Qurans, gets a spot as a trustee of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and is co-chairman of the Jewish/Muslim outfit Alif Aleph UK.

Julie Siddiqui is another dangerous wee devil at ISB. I remember that counter-demonstration against Choudary’s lot she was involved in organising back in 2011 when MAC were planning on turning up on Remembrance Day – before they got zapped. Here she is on the Woolwich murder:

“There is no place for this,” she said. “It does not matter what is happening in other countries on the other side of the world, there is no justification for this whatsoever.”

You could pull out loads of other names, articles and events from ISB but this should do.

Yep, it’s pretty frightening stuff.


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