UK Islamic Mission – Stepping outside of the ‘Islamic Movement’

Posted on October 16, 2013

UK Islamic Mission is probably the most well-known of all the ‘Islamic Movement’ organisations in Britain, it declares:

“UKIM does not consider itself to be the Islamic Movement of Britain – rather it is part and parcel of the global Islamic Movement…”

Last October, its President had this to say:

“Dr Zahid Parvez highlighted the key successes of UKIM over the last 50 years and emphasised that we must build on these successes and develop a broader Islamic Movement in the UK.”

UKIM does however venture outside of ‘Islamic Movement’ circles and is happy to give platforms to those of a more orthodox background. Here are the views of some of those individuals that have spoken at UKIM events:

UKIM - Abdur Raheem McCarthy and Assim Al Hakeem

UKIM, Alum Rock – ‘The Prophets of Allah’

Abdur Raheem McCarthy

McCarthy warns of the dangers of imitating non-Muslims as believers may become like them. Helping non-Muslims is not to be encouraged and ‘congratulating the kuffar’ on their festivals is as bad as committing murder.

Conflicts involving Muslims around the world are down to non-Muslims’ hatred of Islam who want Muslims to become disbelievers. Muslims should only live under Islamic law, McCarthy quotes the founder of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna: “Establish the Islamic state in your hearts and Allah will establish it on the land.”


UKIM, Sparkbrook

Hamza Tzortzis

Those guilty of blasphemy should be executed.

Public expression of homosexuality is a criminal act. In defence of his case against homosexuality, Tzortzis explained:

“Most Western countries have laws that prevent the sexual abuse of children, polyandry and cannibalism. If it were argued that these crimes were really an expression of human nature, most would reject them as completely inappropriate actions.”

UKIM Murtaza KhanMurtaza Khan

Muslims and Islamic law must dominate. Islam will be “victorious” in Western Society in the twenty first century.

Homosexuality is an ‘evil action’ and punishable by death.

A woman who wears perfume is an adulteress. Adultery and pre-marital sex are punishable by stoning and flogging.

“Illicit conduct and behaviour” is to be expected from non-Muslims. The festivals of non-Muslims are “evil,” Muslims should not greet them on their celebrations. Non-Muslim doctors are “filthy.”


UKIM, Alum Rock

Assim Al Hakeem

During war, Muslims may take female non-Muslims as slaves who they can buy and sell and have sex with. This will remain part of “jihad” as long as Islam exists. Muslims may fight disbelievers who “refuse to embrace Islam.”

Muslims should not hold doors open for Jews and Christians as they are ‘kuffar.’ Christians and Jews who mock the Prophet Muhammad should be executed under Islamic law, Muslims should report such people to the authorities. Muslims must not give money to Christian charities. A Muslim woman who wishes to marry a non-Muslim is “evil,” a “disgrace” and an “adulteress.”

It is not permissible for Muslims to attend the funeral of their non-Muslim parents or relatives. Muslims should “shun” and “sever all connections” with relatives who leave Islam. It is not permissible to inherit money from a non-Muslim parent. Employers should give priority to Muslims. It is not recommended for Muslims to have a non-Muslim in their house, in cases of necessity, female non-Muslims must be made to ‘cover.’

It is permissible to marry children.

Female circumcision is recommended. Medical reports condemning the practice should be ignored.

Extra-marital sex and pre-marital sex are punishable by stoning and flogging. Drinking alcohol is punishable by ‘forty to eighty lashes.’

Homosexuality is ‘filth’ and ‘an illness’ which is punishable by stoning to death. It turns people into ‘animals’ and ‘cannot be tolerated in Islam.’

Those who leave Islam should be executed.

Men are ‘better’ and ‘superior’ to women. Women are ‘lacking in reason’ and ‘common sense’ and are ‘weaker than men in memory.’ A woman can not refuse intimate relations with her husband even if he is drunk. A woman may not leave the house without her husband’s permission. Women are not allowed to be political leaders or to decide how many children they wish to have.

The ‘shariah’ should be called for and applied everywhere in the world, including in Israel.


Shady Alsuleiman

Homosexuality spreads diseases. These ‘evil actions’ bring ‘evil outcomes’ to society.

Adulterers will be stoned to death in an Islamic state.


UKIM, West London Islamic Centre

UKIM, West London Islamic Centre

Abdurraheem Green

‘Jizya’ is to be enforced so that Jews and Christians may know that they are inferior to Islam. If a Jew or Christian is found walking down the street, a Muslim should push them to the side. Christians are not allowed to display their cross or construct new churches in an Islamic state. The ‘immediate problem’ for Muslims in Britain is being surrounded by kuffar. One of the only justifications for Muslims to remain in the UK is to call the kuffar to Islam, the strongest evidence says that Muslims must leave the lands of non-Muslims. It is a major sin to side with non-Muslims against Muslims, including against the Taliban.

During a speech given at Speakers Corner, Green asked for a Jewish man to be taken away so his ‘stench’ did not disturb the crowd. During a talk in Australia, Green made anti-semitic remarks about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, also calling him a nasty ‘kafir.’

He has commented that he does not feel very sad when a non-Muslim dies. Warned that is ‘very dangerous’ to dress like Western youth as Muslims will start to act like them. Compared non-Muslim schools to a sewer, living among such ‘evil’ people will lead to Muslims acquiring their characteristics.

There is a ‘proscribed punishment’ for those found participating in acts of homosexuality – death by stoning. ‘Gay’ is a word used by homosexuals to spread their propaganda and to make their ‘evil and vile’ acts acceptable in society. It is better to use a derogatory term for these people, like ‘sodomites.’ Muslims should not accept that it is a crime to ‘revile someone because of their homosexuality.’

A husband is allowed to use a ‘type of physical force’, or ‘a light beating’ in order to bring his wife to goodness, as long as it does not break the skin or a bone or leave a mark. A woman must be obedient to her husband and should not be encouraged to do the same jobs as a man.

Islam is not a religion that is separable from the state and is not compatible with democracy. Muslims can not agree with democracy, this would constitute disbelief.

Adulterers should be stoned to death.

UKIM, Nelson

UKIM, Nelson

Jalal Ibn Saeed

He has praised the Taliban and claims the people of Afghanistan want to see them in power. (Harry’s Place)

Saeed and anti-semitism:

“We selfishly live like the Jews, who only care about themselves and call the rest a goyim, those who are damned. Those who are enslaved to them.” (The Spittoon)

I can’t imagine that English Heritage thought the £248,898 grant they handed over to UKIM would help towards giving an anti-semitic Taliban fan a seat at the table.

Report on UKIM (2000-2013) here.

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