Saed Rageah – Jilbab, Western society, Facebook and mahrams

Posted on October 17, 2013

As already highlighted, Rageah is due to speak at GPU next month. In the video below he gives some of his Islamic guidelines to women (and men) who might be struggling with how to dress or behave.

The jilbab in the Quran, he says, is a “dignified, respected outfit,” a true jilbab is ‘head to toe.’ Some younger Muslim women nowdays are wearing something very different – ‘skinny jeans.’ These women look like a ‘lizard’ and do not ‘realise how nasty they look.’ Rageah cleverly names this outfit the ‘sin-jab,’ wearing it ‘brings evil’ as it disrespects hijab. It’s a bit hypocritical of Rageah to slag off the attire of Muslim women when he was none too pleased with (and very vocal about) the attack on wearing niqab in Canada.

He believes that Muslims are allowing their children to be “mentally enslaved” by the West. Muslims are “willingly” giving themselves to the West to be its slaves. In order for Muslim women to free themselves of this ‘Western mental slavery’ they must “respect what Allah has designed and decreed for her.” This includes not leaving the house without a bloody good reason:

“The other thing that we need from the sisters, in terms of freedom, your freedom is not based on the understanding of the Western society, is not based on the understanding of non-Muslims, is not based on the understanding of so-called liberal Muslims, it should be understood based on  the Quran and Sunnah, and Islam is telling women (Arabic) – stay home as much as you can, don’t go outside unnecessarily.”

Rageah complains that sisters are venturing out to the mall, going from shop to shop. Fuck knows why they’re nosing around the shops as “they’re broke, they have no money to buy anything” (how he knows what these girls’ bank balances look like is anyone’s guess). Anyway, stay home as you’ll only “make fitnah for a lot of people.”

Blokes have to watch out for women relatives who are working with non-mahram males, or talking with them on Facebook or Twitter. If men don’t get on the case, they will not “smell Jannah.”

More of Saed Rageah’s views here.

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