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Challenging supremacist ideology in Islam – Tehmina Kazi

November 20, 2013


Muhammad Salah – Six year old girls ‘pretty’ and ‘desired.’

November 18, 2013


Muhammad Salah, famous for slogging it out on ‘Ask Huda,’ isn’t the nastiest of the nastiest when it comes to Islamic scholars. He can have his moments though, like telling you to boycott your sister for marrying a non-Muslim – an act that also means she is guilty of ‘adultery’ in Salah’s eyes. In the […]

Haitham al-Haddad – Getting married during GCSEs

November 11, 2013


There can be a bit of foamy drama when people hear about Haddad’s comments on underage marriage – accusations of pedophilia, pervy old man fancying teenagers etc. I’m gonna simplify and explain Haddad’s stance on the matter before anyone gets all ‘burn the kiddie fiddler.’ Haddad doesn’t like to see sex outside of marriage. He knows it […]

Eliot Hastie (Westminster News Online) interviews Haddad

November 9, 2013

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After this week’s Student Rights v Haddad/University of Westminster Isoc episode, Eliot Hastie follows up his first article with an interview with the main man, Haitham. Haddad has previously stated that all Muslims share his opinions on homosexuality: “Ask them internally what do you believe about homosexuality? They believe that it is a crime. All Muslims believe in […]

UK Islamic Mission – Jihad Sistas

November 8, 2013


Anyone looking at this blog for the last couple of months must be pissed off with seeing the name ‘UK Islamic Mission’ by now. I didn’t plan on knocking up any more posts on UKIM for a bit, but this event, which took place last month, is worth a nose at: “UKIM Sisters arranged three days […]

Said Rageah – Slate Muhammad or Jesus? You can be killed.

November 7, 2013

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Rageah: “Muslims do not tolerate anyone to insult Muhammad, Isa, or Jesus, Moses, any of the prophets of God. If you’re in a Muslim country and you insult Muhammad or Jesus, you will receive the same punishment because both of them are the messengers of God.” “Y’know, in Christianity they make fun of Jesus, right?…and […]

Smoke Radio – Punk & Politics on Haddad

November 6, 2013


Student Rights vs Extremism on Campus 17:47 – 22:05 & 33:35 – 44:09 (Interview with Rupert Sutton) Related Student Rights article: Haitham Al-Haddad to address student society Charity Dinner Update: Concerns over extremism at University of Westminster – Westminster News Online