Abu Usamah – Non-Muslims are liars…usually.

Posted on November 6, 2013

Transcript by CBinTH

(1:55-2:07) “a group from the Shi’ite, who part of their religion is lying, they have a tuqya and they feel that if you don’t lie, that you don’t have any deen.”

(2:59-3:04) “Part of being a non-Muslim is…that they are liars…usually. Usually.”

(3:04-3:55)”In the Koran Allahu ta’la told us about all of those kuffar, […] and their different categories. Firaun […] he said ‘I’m your Lord the most high’, there’s no lie bigger than that. The Yahood [Jews] and the Nasirah [Christians]. The Nasirah say their Isa is the ibn of Allah, the son of Allah. That’s their religion! It’s a religion of kadhib [lies]!

“The Yahood… make too many lies. […] ‘We’re going to be in the hellfire for a few days, we are Allah’s chosen people’ […] kadhib! ‘We lost our country, so the world owes us, you have to give us somebody else’s country?’ I don’t find that strange. Kuffar, part of their religion is, kadhib.”

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