Said Rageah – Slate Muhammad or Jesus? You can be killed.

Posted on November 7, 2013


“Muslims do not tolerate anyone to insult Muhammad, Isa, or Jesus, Moses, any of the prophets of God. If you’re in a Muslim country and you insult Muhammad or Jesus, you will receive the same punishment because both of them are the messengers of God.”

“Y’know, in Christianity they make fun of Jesus, right?…and it’s fun for them and they laugh and this is just for fun. If a Christian does that in Saudi or a Muslim country he will get in trouble…”

A member of the audience asks:

“When they’ve fallen in trouble what is the penalty?”

Rageah makes a distinction between those who were unaware of the severity of their insult and those who purposely insult the prophets. On the punishment for the latter he says:

“…it could also, y’know, be to the point as far as killing that person if he doesn’t repent what he’s saying…”

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