Eliot Hastie (Westminster News Online) interviews Haddad

Posted on November 9, 2013

After this week’s Student Rights v Haddad/University of Westminster Isoc episode, Eliot Hastie follows up his first article with an interview with the main man, Haitham.

Haddad has previously stated that all Muslims share his opinions on homosexuality:

“Ask them internally what do you believe about homosexuality? They believe that it is a crime. All Muslims believe in this.”

Eliot asks Haddad if he still believes this to be the case, Haddad answers:

“…take any Muslim in the street and ask him ‘Does Islam allow homosexuality?’ He will say ‘No, Islam doesn’t allow homosexuality.’ Islam considers homsexuality as a sin, in fact a major sin, and in the Islamic state it is considered to be a crime as well. We should give people the space to talk about what they believe in…now all Muslims believe that homosexuality is unethical…”

“…those Muslims who believe that homosexuality is allowed in Islam, yeah? Those Muslims have committed something that might be considered as kufr or taking them out of the fold of Islam because they have rejected al Quran.”

“I challenge you and I challenge anyone to bring any well-known Muslim scholar, who is accepted as a Muslim scholar, who accepts homosexuality…internally as Muslims we don’t accept homosexuality because God does not accept it…”

Haddad is asked about his ‘descendants of apes and pigs’ comment on Jews. His answer doesn’t really give a satisfactory explanation as to why he used these words, especially if they were to mean anything other than what they read like.

Haddad explains the reason why Islamic law should be established:

“What I believe is that the utmost peaceful co-existence between all the religions can not be achieved unless the laws of their creator are dominant. The only religion that has not been distorted is Islam. What is Islam? Islam is the original law of the creator, so obviously by common sense there will be no real complete peace unless the laws of the original…the original laws of the creator are dominant and these laws are the Islamic laws.”

Talking about terrorist activities in the UK, Haddad reiterates his view that any physical attack is ‘prohibited’ or ‘haram.’ Even the ‘Don’t vote for koofs’ (they’re obviously not his words) brigade should be aware of a social contract with the Western countries they are living in:

“There is a social contract, other than the written covenant, yeah? Social contract between Muslims living in the West and their countries.”

Thanks to Eliot for the link.


This blog is looking to arrange an interview with Haddad and some other superstars of the orthodox scene, so keep an eye out.

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