Haitham al-Haddad – Getting married during GCSEs

Posted on November 11, 2013

There can be a bit of foamy drama when people hear about Haddad’s comments on underage marriage – accusations of pedophilia, pervy old man fancying teenagers etc. I’m gonna simplify and explain Haddad’s stance on the matter before anyone gets all ‘burn the kiddie fiddler.’

Haddad doesn’t like to see sex outside of marriage. He knows it exists among teenagers. The solution to the problem is to get them married. Sorted.

He has written articles and given talks on the problem of parents who will not allow their children to marry young, but will tolerate them having sex. As sex outside of marriage is a major sin, he cops the needle with parents who do not see the benefit of marriage at an early age.

He has refered to laws which do not allow young teenagers to get married as ‘anti-Islamic.’ If an underage teenage girl is to be married it is a family decision and people should be careful” of the legal issues. If “anti-Islamic laws” can be avoided, you should crack on.

During another speech he states:

“Of course here (Britain) there are some legal issues. The marriage can not be registered before the age of eighteen. Our definition of marriage as Muslims is different from the legal definition.”

In the video below, Haddad gets the crowd laughing before reminding them that it’s a serious issue:

“Brothers, sisters, the sooner you can get married is the better for you, full stop. During education, during A levels, yeah, GCSE, if you can get married just do it.”

“From a legal perspective they are worried about what? The marriage registration. But to have an Islamic nikah, no seriously brothers and sisters, to have an Islamic nikah, do it whenever you have the chance, do it.”

Yes sistren, “Oh my days” (00:24) indeed.

I can get where Haddad is coming from with regards to getting young uns married off who are already poking about with each other, even though I don’t agree. I’d like to know where Haddad stands on an 18 or 50 year old marrying a thirteen year old, as his statements do not condemn such a marriage. I’m hopefully going to find out.

The argument will always come back to obeying the laws in the UK though. Haddad has been asked in the past if the laws of the land are always to be obeyed – the answer was “not necessarily.”

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