Muslims rally round for Usama Hasan

Posted on December 5, 2013

Usama Hasan’s ‘Do we need an Islamic state?’ (scheduled to take place in Bristol tomorrow) has got a few people out of their armchairs. Hasan was invited to speak at the Multifaith Chaplaincy at University of Bristol by Inspire’s fab Kalsoom Bashir. Farooq Siddique and members of Easton Jamia Masjid have gone and got all grumpy about it, objecting to Kalsoom’s decision to invite Hasan. Why? Because he’s part of Quilliam and because there is not much Al-Qaeda style chat floating around Bristol.

Siddique got a bit dramatic and accused Kalsoom of needing to “provoke Islamophobia…like Quilliam” and was none too pleased with the advertising, saying that the event poster “would not be out of place in a far right wing website.”

Give the woman a break. She’s only organised a talk, she’s not having a knees up with the Ku Klux Klan.

A pissed off Siddique emailed the Multifaith Chaplaincy demanding that the talk should not go ahead (Kalsoom is the Muslim Chaplain there). Word got out that Farooq was on a mission and Muslims from various organisations and outfits have shown their support for Hasan and Kalsoom by following up with emails of their own. Unless Farooq organises a road blockade, the event will be going ahead.

Kalsoom Bashir:

“The title of the talk is based on a talk at London city circle which was very successful. In fact the circle is a replica of London city circle which a pocket of the community wanted in a university environment. The speaker had agreed to do the talk long before he joined Quilliam and it is still not appropriate to cancel the talk and deny those that want it to go ahead.”

Well done to Kalsoom and to all those who gave their support.

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