Abdurraheem Green – Marrying a Jew or a Christian

Posted on December 17, 2013

Abdurraheem Green has stated previously that, in an Islamic state, Jews and Christians would not be afforded the same rights as Muslims – the displaying of their religious symbols and the construction of new places of worship would not be allowed. In the speech below he covers the subject of Muslim men marrying Jewish or Christian women. If you, as a Muslim bloke, are going to marry one of these women it would be better to do it in a ‘Muslim’ country, as there you will find a ‘means’ of stopping your wife plonking her religion onto your child.

“A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Jewish or a Christian woman who is chaste. Chaste means that she is not someone who is taking boyfriends and so on and so forth. So first of all I don’t think you will find many like that but I’m sure there are some.”

“It is the nature of the woman to follow her husband. Usually you will find that if the husband and the wife have two religions, then the wife will usually follow, or be inclined to more, the religion of the husband and not so much the other way round. But Allah restricted this to the Jewish and the Christian women. It’s not allowed for a Muslim to marry a Hindu or a Zoroastrian or a Buddhist and this is not considered to be marriage in Islam. It is just considered to be fornication. It’s not marriage, we do not recognise it in Islam. However, I have to say that there are some conditions that the scholars they mentioned concerning the Muslim man marrying the Jewish and Christian woman who is chaste. And some of those conditions are, they mentioned that they did not like, they did not make it haram, but they did not like that this should place in a non-Muslim country. And the reason for that is that if this woman wanted to go with the children and raise them up as a Jew or a Christian there would be no way for him to prevent her, in a Christian country or another country, from doing that. Whereas in a Muslim land usually there will be a means to prevent that sort of thing happening.”

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