Haddad – More argy bargy in Holland/Non-Muslim community and affairs/a ‘smack’ can be overlooked

Posted on January 8, 2014

H’s postponed visit to Almere in the Netherlands has been rescheduled for the 9th of Feb (cheers to Naz for the heads up). Last time the event was booked to take place, Gert Wilders had something to say on the matter. There is a bit of controversy this time round too. Readallaboutit here.

HaH 99

While I was revisiting an old talk about problems within marriage by Uncle H, I came across the quote below. As much as I think H is pretty cool (evidence left), it’s like casually dropping into a conversation that incest is ‘normal’ in the Muslim community and that it’s down to their ‘belief system’ and ‘moral decline.’

“Among the reasons for marriage breakdown, maybe you can consider it is the main reason behind most of the marriage breakdown, that each party is having an illegal sexual relationship with other people. Either the husband is having some illicit relationship with other women or the wife herself is having some illicit relationship with other men. You might be surprised that is it happening within the Muslim community? Yes, it is happening. I’m not talking about the non-Muslim community because we can say that this is something unfortunately normal within the non-Muslim community but this is expected because of many other things, because of the moral decline, because of the belief system, again because of many other reasons, but to have this happening within the Muslim community is something not acceptable.”

There’s also this from the press conference in Norway last year which a lot of people will have seen already:

Woman: “It’s also, a sura where he can, the word I don’t remember but he can slap his wife or hit her or…”

Haddad: “Yeah, smack.”

Woman: “Smack, yeah. And with me as a woman if that happened to me in my marriage, and I want a divorce, could I get that?”

Haddad: “It’s a valid question. It depends on the situation. We have to look at the bigger picture. Why? Because so many women who have been divorced they regret it after that. We see it. I saw it in the Islamic Shariah Council. They regretted that. And because they regret, yeah, sometimes we tell them that you have to be careful. And there is in all legal theories, there is something called the small problem that can be overlooked to avoid bigger problems, small harm that can be overlooked for a bigger harm. So we apply the same thing.”

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