Haitham al-Haddad – Stone Age, Bronze Age, Homosexual Age

Posted on January 24, 2014

“First of all, life partner, we should say life partner, yanni, we should name it with the Islamic name. So if it is a sister asking the question she should say ‘How can we find a husband?’ If the brother, if the one who is asking the question he should say ‘How can we find a wife in the West?’ Because ‘How can we find a life partner?’ this is misleading, especially in the West, especially in the era of homosexuality. Now we are living in the era of homosexuality. Before, there was the era of the bronze and the era of the stone, and then we came to modernism and post-modernism, and now we are living in the era of homosexuality. Because it is the worst thing in the world to speak against homosexuality and you will be the best person in the world if you praise homosexuality. Now even they want to terrorise anyone who speaks against what? Homosexuality. They don’t want even to have freedom of speech. I am against homosexuality, this is me. You can’t force you opinion on me, yeah? So, and I believe that it is better for humanity so I am promoting my beliefs. So why I should be terrorised and afraid to speak against it?Anyway, so, the word life partner, maybe it can be understood that a man is looking for a man as a life partner in the era of homosexuality or a female looking for a female as what? As the life partner. Or maybe post-post-post-homosexuality we will have, as we mentioned yesterday, a man looking for an animal life partner, yeah? Maybe. Getting married to a dog or getting married to a snake, like that type, who knows?”

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