Haitham al-Haddad – Apostasy and establishing Islamic law by force

Posted on January 28, 2014

“We are not allowed to force anyone to become Muslim. Allah (Jalla Wa ‘Ala) says that ‘La ikraha fi’l-din’ there is no compulsion in religion. None of the scholars said that you must force people to accept Islam, none. OK? It goes even against the sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). Now, people normally bring the issue of what? The capital punishment of apostates, or capital punishment for apostasy. You now apostasy? Riddah, someone leaves Islam. We say that we are not forcing him to accept Islam, or her to accept Islam. He committed a crime under the Islamic law, he has to bear the consequences of the crime. Remember what I said, a person is free to steal, yes? He can go on stealing but he should bear the consequences. So if a person wants to leave Islam it is up to him. We are not forcing him no you must be a Muslim but you have committed a crime, you have to bear the consequences of the crime. This is one, this is number one. Number two, if a person wants to live as a Christian under the Islamic state he has the freedom to live as a Christian in the Islamic state, under the Islamic state. None of the scholars said no we force him to become Muslim or the Jew, to force him, the Jew as a religion yeah, to force him to become a Muslim. No one ever said this. But it is not a joke. If you accept Islam you cannot just leave it like this. Clear? So there is a difference. If you want to live as a Jew, live. If you want to live as a Christian, live. It is up to you, yeah? Now atheists and no religion, Sikhism and Hinduism is something else, another discussion. They have different rules, other than the people of the book, yes? But as we said, you were a Christian and you became Muslim? Then you have to respect what decision you have taken. We haven’t compelled, or we haven’t forced you to become Muslim, yes? So why are you leaving Islam now? And we have a long discussion regarding, yanni, the philosophy of the capital punishment in Islam. Now, having said that, there is a difference, brothers, between forcing an individual to accept Islam and in forcing the law of Allah upon a system, yes? These are two different things. We don’t force individuals but forcing systems to implement the law of Allah, this is something totally different. And many people are confused between both. And once we understand the difference between both then the matter will be very, very clear, yes? OK.”

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