Haitham al-Haddad – ‘Initiative’ Jihad

Posted on February 28, 2014

“The second type of jihad is wrongly translated, again as we said the wrong translation,  as ‘offensive’ Jihad. I don’t consider it as ‘offensive’ Jihad but we consider it as ‘initiative’ where the Muslim state, the Islamic Caliphate, has to take certain measures, fighting others after warning them, after, sorry, calling them to Islam, then, after warning them, then they have to initiate a fight with them in order to make sure that the law of Allah is superior to any other law. What is the reason behind it? Allah commanded us to make his law superior to any other law because he knows that if there is another law superior or dominant in this territory it means that there will be injustice to, injustice by, all types of injustice. So Allah knows that the only justice can prevail if his law is above any other law and it is upon the Islamic state, the Caliphate , not just any Islamic state, to initiate such war after the due process.”

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