Abdurraheem Green – Rape & social responsibility

Posted on May 27, 2014

“The hijab is not to oppress the woman. Actually Allah (SWT) mentioned the wisdom behind the hijab. Not everything Allah mentioned the wisdom behind why we should do it but Allah mentioned the wisdom behind the hijab. And Allah said to the believing women to put this garment over themselves, the khimar over themselves, to dress in this way. And Allah gave two reasons for that. The first reason is that, so that people may know and recognise them to be believing Muslim women and the second reason is that they may go unmolested. So the first reason is it is a type of uniform. It is a type of means of recognition because the way you dress makes a statement about yourself. It’s a fact. And you know what is a fact? In courts all over the world, in America, in Britain, even I read about it here in India, many women who have gone to court and who have been raped, either the rapist had a very small sentence or no sentence at all. And due to what reason? Because the woman was dressed in a very provocative manner. She was dressed in a very, very provocative manner and behaving in a very provocative manner. And this is something actually that happens to the man. When a man sees the woman dressed in a certain way, behaving in a certain way, something happens to him. So if you dress in a certain way, in a very alluring way, then you’re going to get a certain reaction from the man. It’s called the flowers and the bees, yes? You have the flower, pretty flower, light colourful petals, and the flower lets out a nice scent. So the bee is flying along ‘bzzzz’ and the bee picks up the scent of the flower, oh it smells nice, and he sees the pretty colours of the flower and the bee goes to take the nectar from the flower. That’s what happens, yes? It’s nature. So when the woman, her hair is all here and her lipstick, and she’s looking all beatiful and this and that, the man, like the busy bee, is ‘bzzzz’ right? And he can’t help going towards the beautiful flower. He can’t help that. It’s the nature. But the problem is, well the problem is it causes lots of problems, because that girl is someone’s daughter, or someone’s wife, or someones’s aunt or even someone’s mother. And the evil consequences of this are so many. So what does Islam do? The woman takes responsibility. She takes social responsibility. She cuts the doors to this evil by covering her beauty. Her beauty is for her husband. She covers her beauty. And, also, when people see her they say no, this is not a woman who is interested in hanky panky. This is not a woman who is saying come over here, talk to me, don’t I look beautiful, maybe we can go out tonite. No, because she is dressed, she has covered herself in loose clothes. She has covered her hair. She has covered her face, her hands maybe even. And it makes a very clear statement, I am not interested in these things, I am a Muslim women, I am a believer, I am for my husband and my obedience is to Allah. So the hijab really has many, many benefits. In fact we could give a lecture just on the benefits of the hijab to society and to the individual woman. But one of the reasons Allah gives is so that the people will know she is a believing woman, and actually the second thing is the same, she will be unmolested.”

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