Abdul Qadeer Baksh


“So the wala and bara that you have with the disbelievers, can we do this over business deals?…with the kuffar, make business deals with them and then when they rip us off: ‘He’s a mushrik. He’s a kafir. He’s this, he’s that’. Is this what is meant by wala and bara? No. Is it limited to only those disbelievers that are killing the Muslims around the world or is it more than that? The essence of the wala and bara returns back to tawheed, the Oneness of Allah (SWT). Those that associate partners with Allah, we have enmity towards them regardless of who they are whether they have Muslim names or are disbelievers. Look at the words of our father Ibrahim (alaihis salaam), and this is the second verse I wanted to read to you. He said in the long verse (Arabic) which means and from this day has started enmity. We are at war with each other. We have enmity between us and between you until you believe in Allah alone. So this is evidence to show that the enmity, the wala and bara is based upon iman which is based upon worshipping Allah his Oneness. So if a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Sikh, whatever religions these people have out in the open, if they have the audacity to worship other than Allah in the open and call to it, and, in addition to that, celebrate their praises to their false gods and give Allah partners and so on and so forth (Arabic) then we have enmity between us and them (Arabic) until they believe in Allah alone. But does this wala and bara mean that we should not say kind words to them, that we should not give them their rights? No. It means you still give them their rights, you still say kind words to them. If they’re your neighbours you treat them good but you just don’t join in any form or fashion or shape in their worship of their false gods because we find that detestable, something detestable. And if in your hearts, brothers listen carefully because if in your hearts you do have no hatred, no dislike or you don’t find it detestable that they are celebrating the praises of another god or Allah has a son then there is something deficient in your iman. If Christmas can go by and you have no feeling of hatred towards what they are doing then there is a fault with your iman.

Some of us have been brought up in the West in this country for many years for all our lives. Our neighbours are non-Muslims, we’re kind to them like we have to be as Muslims to our neighbours. And when this time of year comes round they send a box of chocolates for Christmas or they send a Christmas card, or they do something of this nature. What should be upon us in such a situation after understanding this issue of wala and bara? What is upon you to do is to return the goods to the one who gave it to you and make it clear to them that they understand fully that we don’t celebrate it, rather we find this very offensive because our religion says x,y and z.

And if they come from another angle…the kuffar they’ll say to you ‘it’s just for fun, it’s a time for the kids, they enjoy themselves’ and so on and so forth, say: we don’t find any entertainment or any enjoyment whatsoever when God has been given a partner.


What about those people who are reverts, reverts to Islam, and their families are kuffar? How do we implement this wala and bara? It’s easy. It’s not hard, it’s not tricky, it’s not difficult. The reason why is because Allah says in the Quran (Arabic) and be companions to them in this dunya in righteousness and good. Who is Allah talking about there? He’s talking about the extended non-believing extended family. So therefore we’ll be good to them, kind to their parents, their brothers and sisters who are non-Muslims and so on and so forth. So it’s easy to do that. As for the issues which oppose Islam, then we are firm whether they are our mothers or our fathers or our children, which oppose Islam, aqeedah, iman, which oppose tawheed, we’ll be firm. In the long run they will respect that. I know one person who, when his grandmother died, that person was unable to go to the funeral because of obviously the shirk and everything, his mother went absolutely mad: ‘How can you not come to your grandmother’s funeral? Your grandmother brought you up just as much as I brought you up’ and so on and so forth’. It went on for such a long time but he didn’t go. And he didn’t go and the funeral went on.”

Allah (Jalla Wa Ala) has ruled that the most despicable creatures on this earth are those who associate partners with Allah. The reason being that worshiping Allah (Jalla Wa Ala) is the very essence of the purpose of our creation.

Allah (Jalla Wa Ala) says in the Quran (Arabic) Verily those from the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians and the mushrikeen, and other than them, polytheists, (Arabic) they are in the hellfire, they will reside in the hellfire and they will stay in there for ever and ever and ever. And then he says another very important point which stresses or emphasises what I’m saying. He says (Arabic) They are the most evil of creation, the most despicable and lowest of creation. Allah (Jalla Wa Ala) has chosen you all to be the people of tawheed, the opposite of what he has described here in the Quran, in this ayah.


The majority of our Muslims have adorned the characteristics of the disbelievers, or rather of that which is befitting of the disbelievers, because not all the disbelievers have all these categories. They certainly have their first category of associating partners with Allah, no doubt, but some don’t drink, some don’t commit adultery, some don’t deal in drugs, some are righteous in their dealings with the people around them, but their crime is they associate partners with Allah. That’s what makes them from the evil of creation.”

“This community of Luton has been stung. We Muslims have been stung by the enemies of al-Islam. The enemies of Islam want to destroy Islam. And they wish to send astray the Muslims, away from worshiping Allah, from obedience to Allah. The enemies of Islam know very well that if the Muslims cling firm to the Quran and the Sunnah, correctly, truthfully, sincerely, that they will be destructed and be destroyed. They fear Islam. So they have placed so much resources and wealth and money, and such conniving tactics and evil ways to send us astray, to keep us away from understanding our religion correctly. They don’t sleep at night, they work night shifts in this. And they get paid by day to send us astray and to send our children astray. This is why Great Britain has opened its doors to every Muslim country – to come here. And when we come here it’s not us they’re after. It’s our children they’re after. Put them through the system and at the end you will find a drug pusher, alcohol, drinker, nightclub-goer, far from his religion, far from his deen. He will become materialised. There are other ways in which they use to corrupt us from within. They send people into our community to confuse us about our religion. They send individuals to lead us astray. And this is not something new for it happened at the time of the Prophet Salla Allahu Alayhi Wassalam.”

“…today, how much do we accept this principle of al-Islam, that we are striving to be different from the ways of the Jews and the Christians? It’s not just in belief that we have to be different from the Jews and the Christians, but also in our behaviour, in our attitude, in the way we look at life and in our morals. So much so our dress code, as the Prophet (SAW) said in Bukhari….an order, an instruction, not a suggestion, be different from the Jews and the Christians. How much different are you from these Jews and the Christians? How much of the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) are you following? How much of the correct understanding do you have? Is it the understanding of the Suhaba, the companions? Or is it some warped understanding from some modernist scholars that we have today.

It is imperative that we understand it and place it in our minds. As Muslims we should not look like them…And whatever we know what they do, we do the opposite. So much so that if they wear their watch on the left, we wear our watch on our right, nothing to do with the deen but it is following the instructions of the Messenger (SAW).”


“You see we’re living in an environment today where you could say something which is a religious obligation, a religious duty for us, and people can twist this to make it mean like you are encouraging a separation between Muslims and non-Muslims, and they will hold you blameworthy for extremism. And under the category of extremism is intolerance. This is what we’re living with today. We’ve been instructed by Allah’s Messenger to be different from them. There’s a different between being different from them and being intolerant. For example we have today a society around us that drinks alcohol, that fornicates, commits adultery and they praise it and they don’t make this blameworthy in the society. And homosexuality, and they don’t make it blameworthy in this society. We tolerate that not out of happiness, not out of joy. We’ll accept it in our hearts and our minds that, yes, we live together in this society of evil-doers. We tolerate it why? Because this is their way of life and we have no power to do otherwise. So we tolerate this. And to some this is a problem. They want to pick at you, pick at you until you say no, you like it and you enjoy it and you’re happy with these people, you hold their hands and you walk with them and talk with them etc. We’re not allowed to discriminate against them in anything, in any form or fashion. No problem we won’t discriminate against them but don’t force us to like something which our Messenger told us is an abomination, which is evil, which is from the acts of the (Arabic) most evil of creation. Where’s our freedom? It is those people who are intolerant of our view that we see this as something bad and not something good. The tables should be turned on them. You are the ones being intolerant of us Muslims.”

Olly Man: “…just before the news, Qadeer, you said that in an ideal society there would be punishments for example homosexuals, and Tommy Robinson put the point to you that this is why he was concerned by your ideology, which is why he was anti-Islamisation and puts Luton Islamic Centre in that camp. Do you understand why Tommy Robinson might be concerned by Islamic ideology, when even though you say you don’t want it in Britain, you do use phrases like in an ideal society and then come out with a statement like that?”

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: “That’s fair enough. He has every right to disagree and to criticise. For me, by ideal society I mean an Islamic society not a Western secular society where we live here at all. Every Muslim, moderate Muslim holds this belief as well.”

Tommy Robinson: “Ideally would you want this to be an Islamic society?”

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: “We’ll come to that in…just as much as any person would want the best for society to be implemented.”

Tommy Robinson: “The best Britain you could see, how would it look?”

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: “I’ll come to that. I want to answer this question first then I’ll come to your question. You question was ‘ideal society’. When I say ideal society I mean an Islamic state. We are not an Islamic state. We’re far from an Islamic state. But, however, this is the teachings of Islam and every moderate holds that these are the punishments in an Islamic state…you can criticise it, you can disagree with it till the cows come home.”

Olly Man: “I actually want to represent moderate Muslims who are listening who might say actually well I’m a moderate Muslim and I don’t want homosexuals to be punished for being homosexual.”

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: “In an Islamic state?”

Olly Man: “In an ideal state, which is the word you used.”

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: “What’s an ideal state?”

Olly Man: “Well that’s what I’m asking you. What I’m saying to you you’re playing into right wing hands aren’t you?”

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: “No I’m not. I’ve already answered that. An ideal society is an Islamic state as far as I’m concerned. Living in an Islamic society, that’s the ideal…”

Olly Man: “There are moderate Muslims here who consider this to be an ideal state, that they can practice their religion in peace and not be under sharia law.”

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: “That’s exactly how I feel. I feel that this is a society which we can practice our religion, no problem, but it’s not an ideal state for me.”


“There is no Muslim who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day who would deny that judging by Allah’s Law is an obligation. No Muslim who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day will believe that sharia law is not supreme. They will make sharia law the supreme authority, the uppermost authority in the land. And one who rejects this principle out of arrogance or believing another law like democracy, or secularism, or socialism or communism is better than sharia law, this person has now apostated from the religion of al-Islam according to the consensus of all the Muslims in history.”

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