Abdur Rahman Ibn Nasir Al Barrak

Al Barrak: “…this (evolution) is all complete falsehood, rejected, whosoever believes this is a kafir.”

Questioner: “OK, what do we say then?”

Al Barrak: “Adam is created from dust! From clay! From smooth sounding clay that is black…Do you have anything to say Abdul-Aleem?”

Questioner: “Yes. This individual who believes in this theory, he is the imam of a large Masjid here.”

Al Barrak: “A what? Imam?

Questioner: “An imam (Usama Hasan) in one of the masjid (Masjid Al Tawhid, Leyton) here. So is it permissible to pray behind him?”

Al Barrak: “No, by Allah! Praying behind him is NOT permissible! Praying behind one who has no wudhu is better than praying behind him! A’uthubillah this is terrible news Abdul-Aleem, a disaster! It is obligatory to rebuke sternly those who pray behind him knowing full well what his ‘aqeedah is!”

Warning from the temptation to call for mixing

“Praise be to God, Lord of all creation; prayer and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon all of his household and companions.

Gender mixing at work and in education- sought by the advocates of modernity- is (religiously) unlawful; it involves unlawful looking, unlawful female charms, unlawful unveiling of women`s faces, unlawful meeting together in private, and unlawful talk between men and women- yet all of this is just a preliminary step.

Motivating the advocates of modernity who promote this gender mixing are two things:

First: Inclinations toward the kafir Western lifestyle. Their minds are westernized and they seek to westernize the Ummah; they even seek to impose this westernization.

Second: Following lust. Almighty God states: `but the wish of those who follow their lusts is that ye should turn away (from Him), – far, far away,` (Partial Koranic verse, Al-Nisa, 4: 27).

Whoever sanctions this gender mixing- which leads to these forbidden practices- is already sanctioning these forbidden practices. And whoever sanctions them is kafir, which means he becomes an apostate. In such a case, he should be informed, and the evidence against him confirmed, to let him recant- otherwise, he should be killed. The reason for this is that whoever apostatizes one of the fundamentals of the Islamic religion is inexorably considered kafir because he is either mendacious or not adhering to Shari`ah rules.

This has already been established and approved by the Islamic scholars- I mean forbidding gender mixing the way it was explained before. The forbidding of gender mixing has been applied by Muslims throughout the centuries, until the infidel Jews and Christians seized many Islamic countries, which is called colonization. Then, in the name of women`s liberation, they sought to westernize women and make them rebel against Islamic rules and ethics. These were the principal means they used to alter and westernize Muslim societies and spread the abomination of adultery through places of debauchery, such as cinemas and places of singing and dancing.

Our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, has been detached from all of that, because God saved it from the vehemence of Christian colonization. God bestowed on this country the call of reformation and renewal of the monotheist call at the hands of the two imams Muhammad Bin-Abd-al-Wahhab and Muhammad Bin-Sa`ud – may God rest their souls. We still enjoy the effects of that call – praise be to God.

The enemies of Islam, however, were enraged to find this country, whose society is uncorrupted and women are chaste, remains wholesome. Thus, they used the call of so-called women`s liberation as a tool to reach their objectives. They called for unveiling, disposal of the authority of close kin males over their women, and women mixing with men at work and in education. They even called for equality between men and women in everything. This is true to the statement of Almighty God: `but the wish of those who follow their lusts is that ye should turn away (from Him), – far, far away,` (Partial Koranic verse, Al-Nisa, 4: 27). The part of `the wish of those who follow their lusts` was interpreted as adulterers, Jews, and Christians, as stated by Ibn-Kathir (14th century Islamic scholar); this was reported and passed down by the ancestors – may God rest their souls.

O Muslim! Do not be surprised if a man inadvertently utters a word of infidelity; thus, do not think you are safe, and be extremely careful! `A slave (of Allah) may utter a word (carelessly) which displeases Allah without thinking of its gravity and because of that he will be thrown into the Hell-Fire.` This Hadith was narrated by Al-Bukhari.

It is worth mentioning that the man who allows his daughter, sister, or wife to work or study with men is not zealous about his honor, which is a kind of cuckolding, because he accepts that foreign men look at her, as well as other things caused by gender mixing.

On this occasion, I call upon the rulers – may God grant them success – to stop this sedition- the sedition of the call for gender mixing- and to protect our societies from the roots of corruption by eliminating it, in support of God and His messenger, as part of carrying out their responsibility, like what the prophet – God`s prayer and peace be upon him – said: `Every one of you is a guardian and every one of you is responsible (for his wards),` (Hadith). May God grant success to our rulers to do good for this Ummah; may God preserve our country from the wiliness of the wily people and from the greed of the wicked. God`s prayer and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his household and companions.”

Top Saudi cleric issues religious edict declaring Shiites to be infidel – International Herald Tribune

“By and large, rejectionists (Shiites) are the most evil sect of the nation and they have all the ingredients of the infidels. The general ruling is that they are infidels, apostates and hypocrites. They are more dangerous than Jews and Christians.”

What is the ruling on the saying uttered by some people: “Islam is a religion of equality”?

“Praise be to God. Many people have spoken the phrase, “Islam is a religion of equality.” They should know that this statement is heinous and false. Some Muslims may say it out of good intentions, seeking to praise and glorify Islam. Perhaps they don’t know the real truth behind this phrase.

This phrase is spoken by some whimsical people, who thereby reach out for purposes that are contrary to the law of Islam, such as the equality of rights between Muslims and infidels, and between men and women. They do this for the infidels, running behind their ways and their calls. But God hath differentiated between men and women in terms of rights, duties, and judgments. He hath also differentiated between Muslims and infidels in terms of judgments and penalties. The universal, legitimate, and penal Sunnah of God recognizes the differences–this is common sense. The Qur’an is frank in rejecting equality among things that are different. The Most High said: “Not equal are the blind and the seeing, nor the darknesses and the light, nor the shade and the heat, and not equal are the living and the dead…” [Qur’an 35:19-22]. He also said, “Are those who know equal to those who do not know? Only they will remember who are people of understanding” [Qur’an 39:9]. […] The Almighty also said, “The woman is not like the man.” He also said regarding the inheritance of sons and brothers, “The man receives the fortune of two women.”

Therefore there should only be equality among things which are identical. The ruling of one thing is also the ruling of its counterpart, logically and legally. Therefore we believe in all of the messengers of God: “We do not differentiate between one of his messengers.”  We also disbelieve in everything which worships something other than God: “Say, ‘O infidels, we do not worship what you worship’.” It is correct to say, “Islam is a religion of justice.” Justice means placing things in their proper places, by giving everyone his proper right. This includes some things which are known logically, and others which are known only by the law, and others which fit in both categories.

There are two issues here which are defined and called for by the UN, and which it requires every member nation to apply, specifically targeting Muslims. The first issue is regarding the difference between Muslims and infidels. It is known that this contradicts the shari’a of Islam, in terms of retribution, inheritance, marriage, brotherhood, and loyalty. The call for equality between Muslims and infidels has been made in conferences and seminars under the banner of humanitarianism and the like. Branching out from this is the call for coexistence, religious dialogue, and world peace, by which they deceive the Muslims into giving up the law of jihad in the path of God, and God’s requirement of disloyalty to the unbelievers.

The second issue: the call for equality between men and women. The UN issued this in a document entitled, “Preventing Discrimination Against Women,”

God hath differentiated between men and women in the shari’a of Islam, required by their natures and legacy. [He hath differentiated] among them in inheritance and testimony, in the cordiality of a man toward a woman, in rights in marriage, in clothing, in comings and goings, in travel, in mandate, and in responsibilities.”

Top Saudi cleric calls for writers’ deaths – Reuters

“RIYADH, March 15 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s most revered cleric said in a rare fatwa this week that two writers should be tried for apostasy for their “heretical articles” and put to death if they do not repent.

Sheikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak was responding to recent articles in al-Riyadh newspaper that questioned the Sunni Muslim view in Saudi Arabia that adherents of other faiths should be considered unbelievers.

“Anyone who claims this has refuted Islam and should be tried in order to take it back. If not, he should be killed as an apostate from the religion of Islam,” said the fatwa, or religious opinion, dated March 14 and published on Barrak’s Web site.

“It is disgraceful that articles containing this kind of apostasy should be published in some papers of Saudi Arabia, the land of the two holy shrines,” he said, referring to Muslim holy places in Mecca and Medina.

“The rulers should hold these papers to account … and all those who took part in the publication should know they were involved in the sin of heretical articles.”

Prominent Islamic cleric urges Saudi king to let women drive – Egypt Independent

Saudi Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Barrak has called for sentencing women who drive to death, after several Saudi women began a movement on 17 June to call for allowing women to drive.
He described their cause as evil and said such women are “Westernized women seeking to westernize the country.”

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