Abu Abdissalam


Dress Code in the West

“…if the dress is not specific to the kuffar but they just wear it, there is no problem in wearing this garment on the condition that one does not intend to imitate the kuffar by wearing them. So in this latter case (where the garment is not exclusively worn by the kuffar) it would depend on the person’s intention. If two people are wearing the exact same garment, one could be sinning while the other is not, such as a person who wears a baseball cap: if he intends to imitate the kuffar (e.g. the ‘Westerners’) by this then he is sinning; if not, then he isn’t.”


There’s no reason to be in this country except for dawah, Muslims. That’s the main reason to be in this country, dawah.”


“And we know in Islam there is no such thing as secularism in the way that people understand that word today. In other words Islam is not a religion where one separates religion from the state.”

“And in an Islamic State of course there would be, there were historically, these laws were enforced, so if a person doesn’t pray it’s not just a personal thing that, you know, the person doesn’t pray, just leave them to it as it is in the secular world. Rather in an Islamic State, if a Muslim, not a non-Muslim, but if a Muslim doesn’t pray there would be some kind of punishment attached to that because it is actually something that is, it’s part of Islamic law.”

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