Abu Eesa Niamatullah


“Is it halal to love one’s nation? And how far can one go in this love for his nation?


The Muslims are primarily a nation of people who worship Allah (SWT), who have submitted to him. That is our Ummah. That is our primary identity. The problem of course comes when you want to put your identity above that and you start to be more loyal, and start to be more favourable to the people from your own nation and praise them, and support them, and look after them more so than the people from your primary nation which is the nation of Islam​.”

“Don’t think that this argument to go and make hijra is something which has just been picked up out of the air. It’s for a real concern because it’s clear that those people who have ignored the idea that Islam is very important, that practising deen is very important, that Islamic environment comes first, those people that have totally ignored it and have decided to come and live here and not practice their Islam, and this is the key point here, have suffered greatly. They have lost their children. They have lost their future. We deal with people who come and who have run off with boys and girls who are non-Muslims and so on. And love is love. When you fall in love as a teenager, or as a youth, you know they say ‘Love’s blind.’ You can’t think, you can’t have rationale. Your heart becomes closed. And we’ve seen people take the religion of the people who they run off with. Muslim women turning Christian, Muslim women turning atheist, renouncing their religion just because of the partner they’ve met at school. I’m not making this up and scaremongering. This is a reality​.”



“Because they have a track record in this insanity. By Allah, read the Qur’an properly. Understand what Allah tells us about these people. They find it so easy and natural to do what they do. For unjustly killing their prophets, for saying “our hearts are closed”. Allah gave them a specific warning not to kill, knowing this about them, but they didn’t stop.

Look at them today. Look at the way that they massacre. They blow up babies like as if it’s a computer game. They have no humanity, no morality, no ethics, no deen (religion), no guidance, no light, nothing. So don’t be surprised what’s going on out there from them. We expect nothing less from them. And they’re killing the prophets without any right, Allah says. To murder the best of people walking, the prophets, that’s what they did. So what of a few Arabs and their kids these days? So what?”



“If you keep lying to yourself and believe that your allegiance and loyalty to those around you is greater than your allegiance to your Lord, well, then promoting the unity of religions, dismissing the obligation of hijāb, dismissing the consensus of the Muslims on theological points, imposing deviant theories upon divinely-protected figures and concepts, denying the perversion that is homosexuality​, and so much more, all becomes second nature.”


“We are severely affected by our surroundings and by our community. Our society is so persuasive. And they’re very good at being persuasive. For example, if you look at this country, homosexuality is a very easy example to use. If you look back fifty years, the idea of homosexuality being accepted and spreading was so abhorrent. It was something that could not possibly be accepted among the people at all. But there were people there who wanted to try and push out the boat and wanted to make something like that public policy. At that time they were the inferior ones and they were having the inferiority complex.

That’s how democracy develops – ideas in society. And that’s the inherent weakness in democracy because it means that one day nothing goes and then the next day everything goes. Because it’s all going to be down to the masses. It’s all going to be down to the people to decide what is right and what is wrong. And that is why shariah is so noble.

The whole issue of incest now is being debated on a daily basis in places like the Netherlands and all these permissive societies. And it won’t be long until a few people start to suggest here “What’s wrong with it? What’s the problem?” And people will put up this defence for a period of time and then they will retreat. And then they will come forward again. And they will keep arguing. And I guarantee you that the same way the sexual permissiveness in society has spread, and the same way that homosexuality has spread is only gonna be the same way that incest is gonna spread. Why? What’s it done on the basis of? Well, this person is a law abiding adult, and he knows about himself, and he knows his own limits and responsibilities, so let him make the decision. That’s what it’s gonna come down to because that’s how they allowed sexual permissiveness to be whatever it is at the moment. That’s how they allow people to become gay and so on. They said ‘Well, no, we can’t infringe upon his rights. So if he wants to be like that, then let him be like that.”



“For the record, the Fuqahā’ (experts in jurisprudence) have agreed that the intentional istihzā’ (insulting) of the Prophets (upon whom be peace) is an act which leads to the death penalty, whether the perpetrator is a Muslim or non Muslim.”



“I also want to briefly mention something about women in the workplace: I am an absolute extremist in this issue in that I don’t have any time for the opposing arguments. Women should not be in the workplace whatsoever. Full stop. Yes we need women doctors and dentists and all the rest of it but there’ll always be Muslim women who’ll go ahead and do that anyway, whatever the scholars tell them so let them go ahead. As for the rest of the practising Muslimat: after 17 years of experience in the workplace, I simply cannot imagine how we will safeguard our Islamic identity in the future and build strong Muslim communities in the West with women wanting to go out and becoming employed in the hell that it is out there. I don’t feel the need to offer any explanation. That’s just the way it is. I’ve seen far too many families split up, childrens’ lives ruined and ones Islamic development curtailed for myself to ever support women being outside the family home more than they already are.”


“There other people that are maybe not so well intentioned – brown sahibs as we used to call them, or as Malcolm X used to call them, house negroes, OK? These people are very busy. These are people who are closer to kufr than iman. They take, of course, the identity of Muslims and they’re very, very busy, very active trying to hijack the direction of orthodox Islam in this country. Very, very busy. And they want to try and dictate the identity that the Muslims should form for themselves whilst they’re living in the Western countries. And, as you can imagine, these secularists with their new found and well supported foundations, and forums, and councils and if this is whatever, they’re very, very specific, very heavy on diluting the Islamic identity. They want to dilute Islamic religious practice. They want to try and get away with individual cultural expression in a multicultural society. A variety of aims and objectives which if you were to go down you would think it’s a horror story. It’s amazing that people who call themselves Muslims would be trying to promote such an identity for Muslims living in a country that gives us
so much rights and freedom of expression to practice our religion, that we have so-called Muslims forming these think-tanks, or I-can’t-think-tanks, and trying to take this identity away from orthodox Muslims and establish this falsehood that they’re trying to do. And the problem, and of course they call themselves progressives, at the end of the day they’re liberal, secularist-minded Muslims and they call themselves progressives. Of course they’re regressive, and if this is progression then we need the stone age, definitely. The stone age is definitely better for our deen and our dunya.


They want to try and create this new western Islam, this kind of fairytale where they have this identity which in actual fact is the exact identity that those people who want Islam to be washed away, want us to have. And naturally they want us to remain in this country under the thumb in the mould that they have created for us. So they will want us to believe that there is a future for British Islam. And so here we marry together. And the problem is when the Muslims, the orthodox Muslims and the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah – they are promoting such an Islam, and Islam is upon fiqh, upon knowledge, upon aqidah, upon usul and good solid principles – and they come to the conclusion that, yes, we must be good in our community, yes we must go and help these people, yes we should be looking for our future in our country, then for some Muslims, in fact for many laymen and ignorant Muslims it looks that we, the orthodoxy, are supporting these deviants. It’s as if we are supporting the aims and objectives of these foundations. And the reality is they couldn’t be more wrong. We are more opposed to these people in our times than ever before. We want to warn our community that these secularists, that these liberal people who call themselves Muslims are the biggest danger within our community at the moment. And we have nothing to do with them. Whether they want to agree with us or not, that’s their prerogative.”


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