Abu Talha


“Many of his students are the ones who call to the modernist ideas of secularism and womens’ rights and so on. Of course we understand what they mean by womens’ rights that is for the woman to be naked and so on…..In reality what was it that they wanted and what were their main ideas? Although this is going back about a hundred years or so but the modernists of today share many, if not most of those ideas today. So the first of those was to bring the Muslims closer to the kuffar. To bring the Muslims closer to the kuffar in their customs, in their habits, in their culture and so on, this is what they want. And also to bring the so called religions, the three religions Judaism, Christianity closer to each other so that they kind of co-exist as one.
He (Tariq Ramadan) says on the question of women ‘Traditional Islam views the woman merely as a mother, wife, daughter or sister. She has obligations and rights in this capacity but we must come to a point at which we treat the woman as an independent invidual with a right to self determination, as someone who can run her own life without coercion. Naturally Islamic feminism must also include the right to education, to work, the freedom to select one’s own husband and the freedom to choose whether or not to wear the headscarf but the emancipation of Muslim women can only come from within. It cannot be dictated by someone else.’These are some of his ideas and he is one of the leading proponents of modernism amongst the Muslims today. And Muslims sit and listen and clap and don’t understand what he is telling them.
I will mention another name, and I know I’m going to be controversial on this but it’s public knowledge, Usama Hasan. Usama Hasan is now a caller of modern idea. Of course Shaykh Hasan we know, Shaykh Suhaib Hasan we respect him, we love him and we honour him but Usama Hasan today is one of the callers of modernism and one of the people who are giving legitimacy to this call. We need to challenge this because he’s coming out in public and we cannot no longer keep quiet about this. And some of his views, I’ll tell you some of his views. Here he says for example in regard to music he said that ‘The statement that music is haram is a statement that is neither accurate, nor authentic, nor helpful in a music infested society especially as the prophet commanded the use of music on certain occasions.’ What a liar. He’s a big liar….On the headscarf….’Whether you like it or not millions of devout Muslim women who are pious…follow what I call a rational view based on holistic maqasid that the Quran tells them to dress modestly.’ I mean we can go into analysis of this…but really this is just a useless false argument and only the ignorant will be fooled by this argument.
And on the question of some people who are now attacking Islam and Muslims, this Quilliam foundation which is founded by the government and supported by the government and run by these two, Ed Hussain and Maajid Nawaz, who I don’t consider to be Muslims, he says about them ‘Ed Hussain and Maajid Nawaz are not enemies of Islam and Muslims as one brother alleged. Even Ed’s critics admit that he does a good job of defending Islam and Muslims in the media.’ This is a real joke. Really if these people are defending Islam then we don’t need any enemies…..These people are a product of the West.
Certain people are given the title of ‘Shaykh’ when they are totally ignorant, Abdul Hakim-Murada a Sufi, hardcore Sufi who at every opportunity attacks the Muslims, the Wahhabis as he calls them. Another Shaykh, he is no Shaykh, he’s a deviant, hardcore Sufi who has such venom against the scholars of Islam. So they’re given the spotlight in the media to talk and to espouse their filth.”


Role Of Women In Da’wah

Let me also say that the role of women in dawah is not at the forefront…And there is a simple reason for this. Men by nature are the ones, are the leaders of society of the people.


The death sentence passed against Delawar Hossain Sayedee, the deputy of Bangladesh Jamaat e Islam, is nothing short of travesty and perversion of justice.




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    January 8, 2013

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