Abu Taymiyyah Jeylaani


Beware of those westernised liberalised “sheikhs” who r today coming out belittling the importance of Aqeedah


Specifying it on this day is wrong and impermissible. Rather one should oppose the mushrikeen in participating on this day with anything that is associated to them. The prophet salalahu alayhi wasalam in every sense try to be different from then and the proofs are many.

“Beware of Secular Atheism and Homosexuality promoters indoctrinating Homosexuality to Children.”


“DONT JUDGE ME” I.e let me sin in silence without u telling me that I’m doing wrong! A sickness the kufaar have injected in to the muslims


“The Jews and the Christians they won’t be happy with you until what? You follow their religion…they will keep fighting against you until what? They make you renegade from your religion. Until they make you turn back on your heels…many People of the Book, what do they wish? That they take you away from your religion due to the hasad, the envy they have for you.”

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