Adnan Rashid

Adnan Rashid


Rashid: “Islamic law states very clearly that anyone who insults the Prophet, insults not criticises, because criticism is allowed…criticism is perfectly allowed as long as it’s put in decent language which is acceptable, but when it comes to insulting the Prophet, it is not allowed in an Islamic state.”


Host: “Is there a law under Islam that it is justified to punish those who actually insult the Prophet?”

Rashid: “Yes, absolutely. I just stated that there is definitely a law…”

Host: “And what would the appropriate punishment be?”

Rashid: “OK, it carries capital punishment. It is a law. That’s how it stands. It is well established within the Islamic legal schools that anyone who insults the Prophet, whether Muslim or a non-Muslim, no matter who insults the Prophet, a king or a pauper it doesn’t really matter, anyone who insults the Prophet in a way which is extremely derogatory, then the penalty is death if it’s proven and the person insists to stand by the statement made…”


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