Haitham al-Haddad

“They completely ignored the specific adillah (proof) that talk about hadd al-ridah (apostasy) as hadd (punishment) for those who apostate just for apostasy, just for changing their religion from al-Islam to kufr, OK? To other religion other than Islam, just because of that. Actually, I found a statement, amazing statement from Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah where he said that during that time, those who used to apostate they were not committing an act of treason. They just apostate, because the Islamic State at that time was so strong they can not commit anything against the Islamic state. So they were killed just because they apostate.”

Assim Al Hakeem





Abu Usamah

“And then finally the hadith ‘baddala deenahu, faqtuhulu’, ‘Whoever changes his religion then kill him.’ ‘Whoever changes his religion then kill him’. That’s not talking about the Yahudi [Jew] who changes his religion from Yahudia [Judaism] to Nasrani [Christianity]. It’s not talking about the Christian who changes his religion from Christianity to Judaism. It’s not talking about the Magian [Zoroastrian] who changes his religion from a Magian to being a person who doesn’t believe in Allah at all. This is talking about the Muslim man or woman who changes their religion from Islam to anything else, kill them in the Islamic state because he has made a form of shirk and that he has legislated for himself what Allah (swt) said was haram. And it’s haram for him to change his religion. So the Muslim who changes his religion, the penalty for that is death because he said it was halal.”

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