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“So, hijra, it doesn’t necessarily mean leave the UK. It means establishing here, first and foremost, where you are, Muslim Town. You heard of Chinatown? Well you need to think about Muslim Town. Yes, people could say ‘That’s Bradford, we have one already.’ No, no. Bradford is not the place of hijra. Bradford is by default. Right? Muslims gathered there by default. This was not something deliberate where they chose to make hijra for the sake of Allah.”

“In other narrations he mentions that you should not see their fires nor should they see yours. Of course in those days it had to do with setting up your tent or your house and fires was what was used to illuminate the houses at night, lamps. Meaning that your neighbours, those who live around you, should be Muslims.You should not live, and all of your neighbours front, back, sides, are non-Muslims. That is not the way to live. That is wrong. It is wrong. It is not permissible for a Muslim to live like that.”

Contemporary Issues – Prepared by: Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“Muslim males allowed to marry non-Muslim females but Muslim females are only allowed to marry Muslim males. Marriage to non-Muslims is discouraged in situations where Muslims are weak or in the minority in order to safeguard the religion of the children.”


Contemporary Issues – Prepared by: Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“The consequence of AIDS is enough to prove that homosexuality is evil and dangerous to society.”

“It is inconceivable that God made people homosexuals then declared it a crime and prescribed punishments for it in both this life and the next.”

“The Western fashion industry is controlled by homosexuals who attempt to blur the distinction between males and females in order to make their behavior more acceptable.”

“In Islamic Law, the punishment for homosexuality is no different from the punishment for adultery and fornication. It can be death. It’s looked at as a deviation, just as if somebody is involved in bestiality. It is a punishment for deviant behaviour which threatens the family structure of the society”

“…we have homosexuals who are accepted. They will walk among the girls, and the girls will play and laugh and joke with them, and the society turns a blind eye. These are among the forbidden loves, forbidden forms of love, which have spread and have established roots in the society which need to be rooted out.”

“…Islamic law says that if you’re caught in the act in an Islamic state, you will be executed. If you’ve been seen by four witnesses etc. execution – that’s the law…So I’ve attacked the homosexuals according to their judgement because it is not for them, it’s not enough to say ‘Well OK we accept you, you have the right to make your choice’ no, they’re saying ‘Don’t even say anything against us. Not only toleration, we want to be respected and liked.’ “


“For us in Islam, we have a natural principle, a natural dividing line, which is for a woman to be considered an adult, or that she may be married and have sexual relations etc. That dividing line is puberty. So whether one in this society, considers that person still to be a child or not, that’s not the issue. But it remains legitimate, that if a muslim man in his 50′s, even today, wanted to marry a young woman who was nine or ten, and she had reached puberty, it is legitimate.”

Contemporary Issues – Prepared by: Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“Islaam sets the age of marriage at puberty, as it is the natural dividing line between childhood and adulthood. Menstruation indicates that a young girl has reached childbearing age.”


“Does Islam support or allow female circumcision? Yes, but in a very limited or at a very limited scale…taking only a small portion from the end of the clitoris, this is all that is really permissible from Islamic perspective.”


Contemporary Issues – Prepared by: Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“In Islaam a woman is obliged to give herself to her husband and he may not be charged with rape. Of course, if a woman is physically ill or exhausted, her husband should take her condition into consideration and not force himself upon her.”


Contemporary Issues – Prepared by: Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“It is true that the Sharee’ah does permit a husband to hit his wife….However, that permission is under special conditions and with severe limitations. A husband is not permitted to beat his wife simply because she spilled his tea, burnt his toast, forgot to iron his shirt, etc. for example. The Qur’aanic verse outlines the procedures which should be followed in the case of a rebellious and unjustly disobedient wife. She should first be verbally advised of her obligations. If that fails, the husband should then cease having sexual relations with her. Failing that, if the husband sees it as useful, and as a final step in order to bring her back into line he is allowed to hit her. As regards the hit it should not be physically damaging and it should not be in the face.”


Contemporary Issues – Prepared by: Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“Apostacy encourages the rejection of law and order in society. One who personally abandons the faith and leaves the country would not be hunted down and assassinated. The death penalty discourages those who might think to join the religion in order to undermine it from within. Western Civilization executes its citizens for giving away state secrets something material. Islaamic law prescribes the death penalty for something far more serious. Rebellion against God is a far greater crime than rebellion against state secrets.”


Contemporary Issues – Prepared by: Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“Islaam recognizes corporal punishment for major crimes, 100 lashes for fornication, 80 for drunkedness and slander.”

“In the Islaamic system, punishments are placed in three categories: i) Hudood: Punishments prescribed by God in a revealed text of the Qur’aan or Sunnah, the application of which is the right of God (Haqq Allaah). 6 offenses: drinking alcohol; theft; armed robbery; illicit sex [homosexual, paedophilia, bestiality]; sexual slander; and apostacy.”

“The punishment for fornication, 100 lashes might seem sufficient to cause death in many people. However, the one implementing the punishment is not allowed to raise his hand above shoulder level.”

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    January 8, 2013

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