Dawud Adib


“You should not be making them (non-Muslims) your friends. You should not be, as we say, hanging out with them. The only friends you have are Muslims. The only friend you have is a Muslim. And we ask Allah (SWT) to make us realise that and stop taking these fatwas of these distorted meanings and explanations and exegeses of these ayat of the Quran. Go back to the Sahabah and see how the Sahabah dealt with the kuffar. See how they treated the Jews and the Christians. They treated the Jews and Christians with respect, they were courteous to them, they were kind to them except for those who made war on the Muslims. But they never ever went bowling with the Christians, went ice skating with the Christians, went to parties with the Christians. They never did this. This is the way of the people who have deviated from Islam: ‘love, love, love, love, love’. No. Allah (SWT) said (Arabic) ‘Whoever loves for Allah, and hates for Allah, and gives for Allah, and withholds for Allah, then they have perfected and completed their iman.’


“One fourth of the total population of the world, one fourth. Out of every four people you’ll find a Muslim. One billion people. He said but you’ll be like the foam on a river and Allah will remove the fear of you, the Muslim, from the hearts of your enemies. He will remove the fear. Because the kuffar used to fear the Muslims in the time of the Sahabah. One Suhabah used to go to a village, he used to fight in the battle and thousands of people would be scared of him. One Muslim.

Allah (SWT) has placed the Muslims with a test, has bestowed upon us a great test. And that test, part of it, is that Allah (SWT) has removed, not will remove, he has removed the fear of the Jews, the fear of the Christians, the fear of the Hindus, the fear of the Sikhs, the fear of all types of mushrikun. The fear that they used to have of the Muslims? Allah removed it from their hearts. And he replaced in our hearts…love of the dunya and hatred of death. The Muslims love the dunya now. This is a big disease brothers and sisters. There’s no doubt that the chief cause of this particular illness that we have is the result of the love of the dunya. And this, part and parcel, is the cause of affliction that the Muslims have been plagued with. Look at how the Muslims have become greedy…the Muslims have become so greedy and so anxious for wealth, a description that Allah (SWT) mentions about the Jews. This is something that Allah (SWT) mentions about the Yahud [Jews]. (Arabic) you won’t find anybody more greedy for this life, even more than the pagans, than those Yahud. And this is the way that the Muslims have become. We’re greedy for this life. We want everything we can see with our eyes, everything we can hear with our ears. Anything we want our hands on, we want it.”

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  1. Saeed abdul haqq ibn sylla

    February 1, 2015

    Brother may allah bless you with good I see alot of so call brothers that come to my shop with alot of women what would say to them I dont greet them at all they no brother to me at all

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