Fahad al-Fuhaid

Fahad al-Fuhaid

Question from audience: “If one of your children changes their religion from Islam to another non-Muslim religion against the wishes of the parents and then subsequently marries a non-Muslim as well, do we still maintain contact with the child? And do we exclude the child from inheritance.

Answer: “As a basic summary of an answer, in terms of inheritance, if a Muslim leaves Islam and accepts disbelief then there is no inheritance.

As for the second part of the question which is in terms of keeping your link and your relations with this child who is a disbeliever, how do we keep our ties with him? In terms of advising him, being good to him, being patient upon him hoping that maybe he will return to Islam, then yes we keep this relationship with him. As for other types of relations then it is more appropriate that you keep relationships with your Muslim children who are good and obedient to you as opposed to a child who is non-Muslim and who is disobedient to you.”

“As for marrying a non-Muslim woman, it is not permissible for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman who is an atheist or she is a polytheist, somebody who worships besides Allah. Rather a Muslim man should marry a Muslim woman. But it is permissible for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman who is either Christian or a Jew but there are clear, explained conditions which are in the book of Allah. But marrying a Christian woman or a Jewish woman is not the base ruling. And this is because there is a danger which is present which is related to this woman and that is that maybe she will influence him in his religion. And maybe the Muslim man who is married to this Christian woman or Jewish woman, he will die, he will pass away and she is carrying his child and then therefore she cultivates the child upon kufr, upon disbelief.”

Question from audience: “Can a Muslim participate in non-religious events by non-Muslims, for example, which are specified on certain days or periods of the year, such as raising money for Children in Need or encouraging children to read books on World Book Day? On World Book Day the schools and workplaces encourage children to dress up as fictitious characters, animals or celebrities.”

Answer: “From the question it appears that these aren’t festivals of the non-Muslims but they are days which they have specified in order to encourage children to read their book. However the base ruling is that a Muslim, he doesn’t, or she doesn’t participate in the celebrations or the festivals of the non-Muslims whether these festivals have a religious basis or they don’t have a religious basis.”


Question from audience: “My daughter goes to a non-Muslim school. Part of the curriculum of a non-Muslim school in their religious studies is that they go out to visit other places of worship like a Sikh temple, a church and so on and so forth. Is it permissible for me to allow my children to go to these places?

Answer: “No. Excuse your daughter from this.”

Question from audience: “Is it permissible to attend a funeral of a non-Muslim person if that non-Muslim person is a relative?”

Answer: “It is not permissible for you to go to their funerals and to witness and to partake in their funerals. However there’s nothing wrong with you giving a good word to them and supplicating for them, but in terms of witnessing and going to and their funerals this isn’t permissible.”

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