Farasat Latif

“Western society, the society that we live in is becoming increasingly atheistic. It used to be a Christian society. Until the sixties Christianity was the predominant belief in the West and now we find that probably almost fifty percent of the population are agnostic or atheist. And if you were to go into a bookshop like Waterstones, or one of the bookshops, you’ll see many books written for the layman or layperson promoting the ideology of atheism. We’ve got Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’. We’ve got Christopher Hitchens’ ‘God is not Great’, a direct attack on Islam. And this ideology attacks the very foundation of our religion. What we find today is that the atheists are very active in promoting their false beliefs. When I was growing up as a young child I’d never come across this. Generally my parents protected me from the lifestyle of the non-Muslims and the belief in Christianity. Atheism really was never an issue for many of us when we were growing up. But today, for many people, atheism is the default position.

Atheism is still a massive threat. If you look at the website of the Humanist Society which is…promoting atheism aggressively, their mission statement they state: ‘We use all suitable means, including events, courses, publications, online resources, teaching materials, speakers for schools and colleges, the press, social media, an extensive educational programme to deepen public understanding of Humanism’, which means atheism, ‘as a way of life.’ So this is the situation now that our children are growing up in. So we have a very serious problem in the West.”

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