Fatima Barakatullah

Fatima Barakatullah

Alm“You are not being overbearing if you first encourage and then enforce the hijaab on your womenfolk because YOU will be asked about it on the Day of Judgment and it is also a major sin upon YOU! It is upon the men to enforce these things in their homes and you cannot use the excuse that your wife didn’t want to. Women need a firm, balanced, guiding hand from their men, so with wisdom you must enforce hijaab in your home.”

“Men who do not care about how their women behave and appear in front of other men and don’t enforce hijaab upon their wives or women-folk are called Dayyooth.”

“If your husband asks you not to wear a certain colour of khimaar because it brings out the beauty of your eyes, or if he wants you to cover your face – by Allah, be thankful!”

“And besides, if our husband asks us to do something that is not Haraam, we must do it.

FB2The culture they promote has made the average woman willing to have lower standards than a prostitute. At least to sleep with a prostitute you have to pay her. The average woman now would sleep with a man for free. No strings attached. Men must be loving that.”

FB4“Please don’t anyone use that word ‘misogynistic’ about the Ulema who give us sincere advice…it’s getting a bit boring…there are plenty of scholars who champion, fund, encourage sisters to seek knowledge and excel as teachers and students – but discourage them from doing anything that compromises their reputation and modesty. They discourage sisters from lecturing men unless there is a compelling reason to do so and then – with a screen/veil. That DOES NOT make them misogynistic.”

FB3“The Ulema have told us that none of the 4 Islamic schools of thought allow women to be purposefully displayed in public especially where men of every background can see them. There is consensus on this. Even if a woman is wearing a khimar and uncovering or covering her face a man has to lower his gaze. The scholars of the past who were women taught with the utmost modesty – often from behind a screen or niqab but certainly not making their image and themselves available and on display to all, certainly not smiling and joking in the presence of men. So any way you look at it my dear sisters using your photo and putting it out there so readily is counterproductive and is totally against the spirit of what Islam wants for women. The way that men so readily comment on the looks of some of our female speakers telling them they are beautiful and asking if they are married is completely wrong. In sha Allah, Allah will increase the effect of our dawah and it will be purer for us if we take the safe and modest option. After all we are doing it for Allah and so the means have to be pure otherwise quite frankly Allah told us that to stay in our homes and look after our families is better for us. May Allah forgive us and them and bless the good they do and and grant us wisdom.”

FB5“There is another problem here. We have fallen into the narrative of thinking it is wrong for a husband to have gheerah. If a husband is asking a wife to only tell people her kunya…although it might seem extreme -what is wrong with that? It is not an impermissible request and so she should do it. Just as if a husband asks his wife to stay at home, she should do so. If she has a big problem with the way her husband is – she has recourse to either negotiating (or arguing it out) with him or if it is really unbearable – getting out of the marriage. But Islamically obedience to ones husband is an act of worship if done with the right intention.”

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