Jalal Ibn Saeed




“We selfishly live like the Jews, who only care about themselves and call the rest a goyim, those who are damned. Those who are enslaved to them.”



“Their [the Taliban] motto was “from Kabul to Al Quds [Jerusalem]”. “We’re going to go from Kabul to Quds.” What they had was a big army, they had black flags raised. And some people say “well, if they were true they would have succeeded”. That’s not necessarily true. That doesn’t mean they’re false just because they didn’t succeed. As far as I am concerned the mujahideen are successful whether they lose or win. They’re successful. But if they succeed we also become successful. And if they fail, they succeed but we fail. And right now do we deserve such a success? [shakes head] How could they win with us like this?”
“The Taliban were coming into Kabul, they took Kabul, all or most of the country, no bloodshed, because everybody wanted that pathway. And they still do, which is Islam, sharia, etcetera.”






















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